Why is HP Printer Not Responding

Printers of HP are widely used these days across the world. Our life is very much depend on it as it provide scanning and photo copy facility with color and black and white printing services of its printers. HP provides quality printers to its customers but what to do if your Hp printer stops responding to any of the your given command. There are some reason that will tell you why your HP printer is not responding, and how to resolve it. But before telling you about such reasons let me tell you that what are the symptoms of your Hp printer not responding.

symptoms of printer not responding

Printer shocking, No printing Signal, BsoD on operating System, 3D printer manager error and 3D printers no indicator light are some of the symptoms which appears on your screen when printer is not responding.

why my printer is not responding

Data is affected by viruses or malware. Herd drive become incompatible or the service life of hard drive is completed and now it is ended. Unreasonable startup and shutdown operations performed by the user and Incomplete or defective application with third party certification can caused the non-responding condition of your hp printer. Which can be fixed in the following way.

how to fix Hp printer not working condition

The very first solution is to shut down and restart both your system and hp printing machine. If still you face the same problem, click on start up icon and type cmd in the search box and open cmd.exe by double clicking on it. Then type gpupdate in command prompt and then press enter, in this way you can destroy the viruses thus your hp printer will start working. If you have a 3D printer then install SmartPCFixer on your personal computer and start this software, it will start full scanning your computer automatically and you have to wait for the scan result and fix all the issue it shows as scanning result. In these ways you can fix hp printer not working or responding issue and start working again. If these solutions fail to resolve your problem, you can also get in touch with HP printer support team for quick help.

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