How do I recover my old Yahoo account?

Yahoo is the best and the famous email service that many users use. If you want to recover your old yahoo account, you can do so by a backup email address and phone number. If you cannot recover, You can also contact Yahoo support to recover the account. Follow the below steps to recover your old yahoo account:

Guidelines to recover Yahoo account –Avail complete procedure here

  • Open the yahoo email recovery page in your browser.
  • Enter the yahoo email address which you want to restore and click to continue.
  • Review your backup address or phone number; if you still have access to this backup, then click on the send me a verification code.
  • If you don’t have access to this backup, then click on the I don’t have access to this email option. At another choice, you need to add another email or phone number to start over the process.
  • If you choose the phone number to verify, you need to enter two of the missing digits of the number to confirm that the number is yours.
  • Enter the correct digit of the number and submit.
  • At Verification of the message, if you select the recovery with an email address, then open the inbox message from yahoo.
  • If you have entered the phone number, then you will receive a text from yahoo with a code.
  • If you did not see any of the messages in your inbox, then check the spam and junk folder of your email.
  • Enter the verification code which you have received at your email or phone, and click to continue. As you have don’t access to your old password, you need to create a new password to recover old yahoo account .
  • Click on the create new password option display on your screen.
  • Enter the new strong password in the required field and confirm the password again.
  • Tap on the continue button, and with this, you are logged in to your account with a new password.
  • After getting back to your old yahoo account, you can edit your recovery options, or you can add more recovery accounts or remove the existing one which you don’t have access to so that in the future, you can able to restore the account if you forget

With the help of the above steps, you can able to recover your yahoo account; if you cannot do so, you can contact Yahoo customer service anytime and ask them to recover old yahoo account as they are the experts in their work. You need to open the yahoo support section and go to the contact tab. You can see the various modes to talk to the yahoo representative, such as call, live chat, or email. Choose from the multiple options and speak to the yahoo live person and fix your issue. Customer support is 24 hours and seven days a week available to help you in every situation.


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