How to Check the Google chrome version

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How to Check  the Google chrome version

Web browser has enhanced the capacity and power of internet. We spend most of our time on internet.  Internet has become our favorite destination to share our thoughts, connect with our friends and does a host range of activities like financial transaction, like online shopping.   There are plenty of web browsers in the world but no one comes close to the standard as that of goggle chrome. Chrome customer service helps you in  resolving all your queries and problem in no quick time.

How to Check  the Google chrome version

Anyone who use internet must be aware about the Google chrome. Google chrome is the world’s leading search engine of the world.  It is one of the worlds leading searching in the world sharing 85% of all the internet search results.   The reason behind its rise is due to the fact that its accuracy, versatility as well as  its quick  searches but sometimes user do face problem while working on one of them is how to check chrome version on Mac.  In order to know how to check your version on Mac , one can take the assistance from their support team as well as follow this simple procedure:

  • First of all, open your Mac .
  • Then open your Goggle chrome button.
  • Then there are two ways to check whether what latest version of chrome you are working on is.
  • In order to check just click on the ≡ icon at the top of the browsing bar.
  • Now then click on the “About Google chrome “.
  • It will show you the version you are using.

If you ever face issue  similar issue or want to find how to check chrome version in Ubuntu. Then go to the chrome similar and then  type  chrome:// chrome in the url bar.  It will quickly shows you the what latest version of Google chrome you are operating or whether it’s a latest version or the older one. 


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