Google play store app not working

google play store app not working

Google Play Store is the only authentic distributor of apps for android based devices. It itself is an app and already installed on most of the android phones. In case the app stops working, you would not be able to download updates and new apps. Resulting you’d have to download apps from other sources online which can be threat to the security of your phone, personal information and data.

Things to perform when Google Play Store app doesn't work

There are plenty of people who’ve already placed complaints that Google Play not working properly, which is not a big issue and can be resolved with putting not much efforts. Following are some guidelines to make your phone’s Play Store work properly. Starting from the first guideline, you may follow the list to the end if one trick does not help in sorting this out.

Clean cached data of Play Store

Cached data collects a variety of sources from internet and saves it offline which can slower down the app. Clearing the caches could be a good idea.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down a little and tap on “Apps“.
  • Find the “Google Play Store” and tap on it.
  • Navigate to storage menu and tap on “CLEAR CACHE“.

Clear app data of Play Store

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down a little and tap on “Apps”.
  • Tap on “Google Play Store“
  • Find and tap on on “CLEAR DATA“.

Update the Play Store by installing the latest version of it

When you see an update about any app or any software, you get this option of update as the developers have fixed the errors, made it free of bugs and add new features. So installing the latest updated Play Store can solve the issue.

Force Stop the Play Store

  • Go to “settings” from your app drawer.
  • Tap on “Apps”.
  • Find and tap on “Google Play Store“.
  • Tap on “Force Stop”.
  • Launch Play Store again.

Fix your Date & Time Settings

Any app or service on your phone may get affected by the wrong date and time settings.

To fix this you can go to,

  • Settings.
  • Tap on “Date & time” settings.
  • Now enable “Automatic date & time”.
  • Enable “Automatic time zone”.

In last Reboot your Device

Rebooting your device can be the best solution to the problem of Google Play Store app not working. Most of the times it successfully solves the issue as it refreshes all of the phone and apps and everything in your phone. If any of your app is not responding properly or not even working, restarting your device can be the best solution.


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