How to Find roku ip address without remote or wifi?

Internet television revolution in the 21st century has challenged the mainstream traditional television. The rapid rise of internet has paved the way for new means of content in either form of entertainment, news and music. As more people are connecting to the internet, the traditional media of entertainment is under serious threat. Satellite TV or internet TV is the latest rage especially among the youth. One such Internet television providing company is Roku.

How to get Roku IP address without remote?

Roku is the digital media providing company which provides online streaming of the television networks across the world. One need to have just proper connection to the internet in order to stream the television network online . Any technology come with unique challenges , in case of Roku, one key puzzle for user to know how to find roku ip address. If you are a Roku user then you have experience the excellent services it gave to to its customer. It has partner with world top digital and entertainment services to provide its user rich content. It's having provides one of the excellent services to its customer with the help of customer support .

But sometimes the new user do faces problem, one of the common problem new user faces is regarding how to find roku stick ip address without remote one can take the help of their technical support or follow. Some of the common procedures to find Roku Ip address without remote.

  • First of all, one can try to download the Roku mobile app on IOS mobile. That will turn the mobile device into a center for your Roku streaming device.

  • Roku device screening device is going to appeared when you are going to launched the app.

  • One can then make sure that its Roku device and his mobile device are not connected to the same wireless network.

  • The Roku device is a public IP address . One can know how to find roku ip address on mac by visiting settings and Network on Roku device. This is the common method to find when you are not installed the Router. install a router and manage and check your IP by calling your ISP providers.

  • Or still faces issue regarding how to find the Roku IP address. At the bottom of your discover screen on your app tap connect manually and enter the IP address of your Roku device. One can find the Roku address by visiting settings and then Router.

In Case, even after that You could not able to Find roku ip address through these procedures. In that case Contact Roku customer service by clicking on the support tab of their websiteRoku team is supported by a trained individual with many years of technical experience in remote technical assistance to the user over a wide range of problems. Their 24*7 expert team will help to solve the issue at the minimal time.


  • image Melicia

    How can I get my IP address for my Roku tv


    i have a roku stream stick 3500 no remote and i am try to set it up on a difrrerent wifi how ever i do not have the old wifi informatin is there a way to do this set up or how cant i get my ip address for my roku

  • image Lanikki cannon

    Need ip address

  • image krisandra evans

    I have no wifi or internet at the moment n someone stole my roku remote so how can I get it to work exactly. I have my roku box but no remote n im using a friends internet so I wont be able to download no app or anything, plz help me. I cant afford another remote right now.... or internet for the matter, im so broke.

  • image Surja Subba

    Can’t get my IP address

  • image Tawanna

    I need a ip address and iam trying to use my phone as a remote control for my TV

  • image Shawn Moore

    My apartment building shares a wifi connection. I have no access to router. Can I still make this work?

  • image Julia R Lewis

    I have been having trouble with my roku remote and decided to download the app so I can control it by my phone but I am having trouble locating my IP address, how can I get this?

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