how to update google play services automatic or manually

If user will see it simply,Google Play Services has been found as the background service which can run on Android device.It helps in the integration of Google’s advanced functionalities to other applications.It is helpful in updating Google apps. The fragmentation issue in Google will be handled by using Google Play Services. It makes sure that even the Android older version can enjoy the latest features provided by Google.It is good to work over and have better sets of features.

why update google play services ?

Many apps just have faith in Google play,that is why,it is required to updated accordingly. It is the platform where number of apps are located,it is required to be updated regularly. If user will be able to do it conveniently, then it is ok. If user find difficult to perform and unable to update google play services, it is required to connect to the experts who are more knowledgeable. Technicians know smart technique to resolve every possible hassles.

How to update Google play services ?

  • There is need to go into your  devices “Settings” and tap the option of “Google Accounts”.
  • When tap on it, user will be able to get other options.Tap the option of “three vertical dots” which is present at the right side of the screen.
  • Tap the option of “Help and Feedback” option.
  • There is need to click the option of  “three vertical dots”.
  • The option of “Google Play Services” will appear,tap on it.
  • User needs to check if there is any update for Google Play Services that is available for the devices.
  • Select the option to “Update” when it will be obtained and wait till it gets updated.

How to update google play services manually ?

  • It is required  to go to the download updated version of Google Play Services app by going to the given link
  • After Google play will be downloaded,user should copy the APK to the device internal/external storage of the Android smartphone.
  • There is need to go in “Settings” and then “Security”
  • Individual needs to go to the “Unknown Sources” and check the box, it will allow to launch third party applications.
  • It is required to go to the path where user have copied the APK and for opening the installation screen.
  • Click the option of install,it would initiate installing or updating Google Play services app.
  • After the process to installation will get complete,there is need to open menu by clicking on  ‘app drawer’,user can see the option of ‘Google Settings’ app.

How can you update google play services on Android ?

User needs to hold on until an update is available:

In number of cases, it doesn’t harm user’s phone and the Play Store will automatically update the Play Services.If an important update is coming to Android, it is quite secure to assume that the sites will write about it.For such circumstances, it will be worth your time to look if an update is available for user’s device.

There is need to visit the Play Store listing:

Apart from knowing this fact that Google Play Services always gets updated by the Play Store just as other applications,user cannot search it directly. To get it,user needs to open a specific link by the help of Android device.After the listing will show to the users,user can either see the option to disable the app or there is choice to update it if a new version is available to you.When user will have any query,there is need to ensure to leave that in the comment section that is presented there.

How to update Google play services automatically ?

  • It is required for the user to open “Google Play.”
  • Click the hamburger icon that is located on the top-left.
  • Tap the option to “Settings.”
  • Click the option of “Auto-update apps.”
  • If user wants to deactivate automatic app updates, choose the option to” Do not auto-update apps”

If users wants help for any of the listed issues, there is need to connect with customer care team of Google Play. They will understand user needs and help until the solution will not be satisfactory. Tech support engineers can be contacted anytime if users need help.


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