why does my hp printer stuck on pause

Hp printer can haunt its user due to the hiccup in printing documents in uniform manner. It may happen that printing job may stuck in between and user is unable to print in proper manner. Is user repeatedly thinking on concern that why does my hp printer pause? Some of the significant reason that has made printing process on halt has been illustrated below:-

Comprehensive approach to abolish error of hp printer gets stuck on pause in jiffy

It may happen that user may have long printing queue. It may happen that documents gets spooled and in management software it may happen that document may not get print until the pause get discarded in swift manner

  • It may even happen that printing files, file data or both can simultaneously can pause printer in providing out put of printing documents in remarkable manner
  • It may even happen that printer is shortage of cartridge ink, in such cases documents will be paused to be print in cost effective manner
  • Some time printer driver may not be able to meet hardware requirement in such situation user may face the terrible glitches.

Complete solution to resolve the issue of hp printer stucked on pause

When hp printer stuck on pause , user can look on set of instructions that need to be followed in systematic manner as below:-

  • User is required to try to delete the existing job and restart once again
    1. User is required to unplug printer
    2. Furthermore, user is required to power off printer with printing switch
    3. Now user can rapidly search for window services in cost effective manner and hit single click on service option
    4. User is required to press window key along with run option in error free manner
    5. Now user is required to hit click on print spooler option in error free manner
    6. moreover, user is required to hit click on print spooler and choose stop option in incredible manner
    7. Moving ahead, user is required to delete all the files that are present in printing slot
    8. User is required to shut down system and plug printer in next 60 seconds in remarkable manner
    9. User is required to switch on printer to check if the issue gets resolved

User can straightaway get in touch with HP printer contact number that is flashing on web portal to get impeccable solution twenty four/seven round the clock in feasible manner. Technical expertise can be reach out through email, chat or remote aces assistance to render magnificent resolution at doorstep. All the technical issues are troubleshooted in single call. Stay in touch to receive proficient solution in significant manner now.


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