How to change wifi password on HP Printer?

HP is the brand name of laptops, printers, desktops, and other parable devices. Among these HP printer has gained a much market share because of its excellent quality and services.  In every second office and homes, HP printer is being used to print important documents. As to print the paper it is necessary to get connected to the internet. So users can go for LAN connectivity, Modem or WI-FI as well. So when it comes to passwords it is obvious to set a password for its access. So often users find it difficult to how to change Wi-Fi on printer hp.

Printers are undoubtedly essential to maintain the workflow of our professional world. There can be a scenario where you are not able to set up the WiFi password to connect your printer to the internet. In that situation, you would need to make sure that you have followed the easy troubleshooting steps below. 

Guided steps to change Wi-Fi password on HP Printer -All Everything You must know

Changing the password is not very touch. Users just have to go to the control panel in their system. However here we are also providing the detailed step-by-step information for changing the HP printer WI-FI password.

  • First Click on "Start."
  • Then Click on "Control Panel."
  • Now click the "Devices and Printers" icon.
  • Here Right-click your wireless HP printer icon.
  • Click "Properties."
  • Now you change the Wi-Fi password
  • Enter your previous password
  • Then put your new password
  • Re-enter your new password for confirmation.
  • Here your Wi-Fi password for HP printer will be changed successfully

Alternative Method to get WiFi option on Latest HP printer

  • Press the button of WiFi.
  • Now select the option of settings on the screen of the printer.
  • Once you have chosen it, then in the settings menu, you’ll come across the WiFi option.
  • Now Tap on the further manual option, in case it is on Automatic.
  • Now choose your WiFi and connect the printer from it. 

Avail a print via WiFi directly

You can even print the WiFi direct report. In that way, you’ll be able to get the information through which you’ll connect your printer with the WiFi.

  • For that, you need to press the Start and the Copy button together. Once you have done that, then a report would come out related to the WiFi connection in a short period. 
  • Once you have got the proper steps in your hand through the printout you have received.
  • Then these ways are going to help you in setting the name. After that, in a short period, you’ll be able to complete setting up a WiFi connection. 
  • You need to check that the HP Printer is connected to the same WiFi connection from which your computer is connected.
  • Only then you’ll be able to bring your printer in sync with your computer. Or else, due to the miss-match, you’ll not be able to give the command to your printer.
  • You need to get the IP address, and the identification number printer has brought on this network. 
  • Suppose you’re using a printer with no control panel display.
  • Then you would need to get the print network configuration page. After that, you’ll be able to get the desired result. 
  • Suppose your printer has a touch screen.
  • And the option of the control panel is visible in it. Then you’ll be able to get the IP address in the network settings option. 
  • Now select the option of “Network WiFi Direct status.” After that, you’ll be moved to a new page. Now choose the option of “HTTPS or Redirect.” 
  • Now select the option of “Edit Settings.” Now save the changes you have applied to your WiFi. 
  • That is it. Your query regarding the is cleared.

You only need to Wi-Fi password on HP Printer make sure that you have followed the options listed above. For any further information, you can connect with HP customer support. 

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