Avail to fix HP Printer not working issue

The rising use of the HP laptop, printer, and other accessories are increasing fast. The company has already earned a great deal of trust from the people because of their dedicated service and in recent days the company has further strengthened the quality of customer support that it has.

Surely this is a very important step for the users as they face with different problems time and again and that is the reason that they need proper options to get a proper guidance in this matter. You can have the perfect support in this matter from the HP customer care. They are quite friendly in offering their support and service to the users and when the issues like HP printer not working come up they offer the smartest support as and when required.

Guidelines to fix HP Printer not working 

Problems can come to the electronics goods at any time and any user needs to be ready for that. But when it comes to the solutions, it is not possible for the amateurs to address the problem. This is where the use of customer care happens to be the best simply. If you are thinking what to do for hp not working then follow below solutions 

Reset the printing system

Resetting the print system erases all gadgets in the print line. This includes both HP and non-HP gadgets.

  1. Right-click (or Ctrl + click) the clear space in the Printers list, and afterward click reset printing system....
  2. Click the reset button in the confirmation window.
  3. Enter the administrator username and password, and afterward, click OK.
  4. Wait until the printing system is reset and no gadgets appear in the Printers list.
  5. Add your printer to the list again as was done previously.

After changing ink

Hp Printer not working after changing ink cartridges this issue may happen for various reasons. The accompanying record contains general proposals that can help decide the reason and, at times, take care of the issue of Hp printer is not working after changing ink

  1. In the first place, check the tab shielding the ink from scattering isn't at present on the cartridge.
  2. Confirm the ink cartridge(s) has been embedded legitimately. 
  3. Play out a head cleaning on the printer if accessible.
  4. Have a go at resetting the ink cartridge counter. Counsel your gadget's documentations to get guidelines for your particular model.
  5. On the off chance that you are introducing an ink cartridge not approved by your printer's maker, it may not be good.

HP Printer not working on Mac

Resetting power to the printer powers the printer to reset put away esteems in the firmware. A power reset can help when the printer is not working on Mac.

  • Ensure that printer is idle, not making any sounds, previously proceeding.
  • With the printer turned on, disconnect the power string from the back of the printer.
  • Unplug the power string from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for 60 seconds.
  • Connect the power cord into the wall outlet.
  • Reconnect the power line to the back of the printer.
  • In the event that the printer does not turn on by itself, press the Power button to turn it on.

If this information does not help to solve the problem of hp printer not working after changing ink , it is prescribe that you contact your printer producer.

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