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Apple launched an innovative gadget, equipped with the latest technologies which enable the users to access the digital world in an efficient way and that device is known as an iPhone. Apple introduced multiple versions of the same so that users can get updated with the latest technology.

Have faced stuck on iPhone after update or iPhone is not responding

Despite having ultimate features of an iPhone, it undergoes for a breach and as result users get the problem. There might be multiple causes for the same and thus solution also varies. Here, you will get all possible solution for the issue “iPhone is not responding”. The solutions are listed below, just adhere the same in proper manner and get your issues resolved.

iPhone is not responding | Quick Fix

Touch Screen

  • If your iPhone screen is damaged and not working properly, then remove the Screen Protector and then touch the screen, if there is no response then clean the same with the cotton.
  • If still getting an issue, then reset the iPhone by pressing the Power Button and Home Button together, release the buttons when an Apple logo appears. Thereafter, iPhone should work fine.

iPhone unresponsive to iTunes

  • Make sure you are using the current version of iTunes. If your iTunes is not updated, then update the same.
  • If still persist an issue, then Launch iTunes from your computer, but make sure iPhone should not be connected to the computer.
  • Click on the Edit section and move to the Preferences.
  • Here, you will get few options, select Prevent iPhone from Syncing Automatically and enable it in ON mode.
  • Now connect the iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.
  • This method will fix the issue. If not, then create a new iTunes Library.

However, if you have updated the iPhone and getting an issue “iPhone not responding after update” then no need to get worried. Here, you will get all the best possible ways to fix the issues.

iPhone unable to respond after update | Illustrative method

  • First and foremost, make sure that older iPhone is not compatible with the latest version and if you will try to update, then you will get such issues.
  • Most of the users reported the Battery drainage issue after update. So to fix the same, turn off the background applications. To perform this process, move to the Settings on an iPhone and select General. Now select Background app refresh. This will do the rest of the work.
  • Turn off the Motion applications and for the same, open Settings and move to the Privacy and under the same, select Motion and Fitness. Now turn off the application.

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