How to fix HP printer rollers

How to fix HP printer rollers

Hp printers are basically the series of an alluring printers from the famous and the dominating hardware networking as well as software company. So in case any user want to get a brand new excellent working printer for self working then without any second thought they have to need to go for puchasing this printer. The company also provides the hp printer helpline to its customers to resolve an issues.

Process to resolve the rollers issue Hp printer

While user use HP printer they may get into many problems like its roller may stop working so in order to do the Hp Printer pickup roller fix they need to follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Need to clear the paper jam and for that customer have to first of all turn off the hp printer
  • After that they have to just disconnect the power cord from the back of the all in one device
  • Now need to take this step since customer have to free the paper feed roller
  • Now just locate the rear access door and then just open it by simply turning the dial counter clock wise
  • and then just trying to pull the door towards the customer, followed by simply inspecting the pressure rollers onto the rear access door
  • in order to cross check that they are tidy and turned freely
  • Also need to clean the rollers with the help of the soft towel
  • now from the rear access door opening you also need to remove the jammed paper
  • and just in case some of the jammed paper is not removed then user can simply removed it carefully from the front of the unit.

In case customer still have any issue, they need to contact HP printer customer service number to seek the right guidance.


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