How to Fix HP Printer Printhead Missing Issue?

HP printers are widely used due to its effective and best quality printing. While using the printer, there may be times when a user needs to install new things in the printer itself, then it can be according to the settings of the printer. The error of hp printer printhead missing is displayed on the control panel of the printer.

Recommended Steps to Fix HP Printer Printhead Missing Issue:

If in case, a user has installed a new printhead in the printer and an error of missing or failed printhead is prompted, then it needs to be resolved. The general cause of error could be unlatched or improper seating of printhead. Below mentioned are the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

  • By resetting the printer, the issue of missing printhead can be easily resolved. The user has to simply follow the reset procedure.
  • The user can try reseating the printhead in the printer. For this, firstly the printhead is unseated, then reseat it and lower the cartridge latch and finally reseat the printhead up to 3 times.
  • The printhead might be faulty which is responsible for the issue. Faulty printhead needs to be replaced. For replacing, a user can check the warranty period to get free replacement.
  • Another way to resolve the issue is service of printer. If none of the above mentioned methods work, a user can contact the support for the servicing of printer or its replacement.

To get any help regarding the issues of printer, HP printer customer service can be contacted. The support department will serve the users with best assistance using skills and tools. For contacting them either phone, email or live chat support can be used and contact details are there on HP website.

Contact HP Printer Support for Online Solution

HP Printer Support is a team of highly qualified expert technicians who has experienced of many years in providing solution to HP printer printhead missing issue. HP printer customer service team technician who is always available 24*7*365 days to serve you day and night .You can contact to them via Customer Support Live Chat or through via email Support or you can dial official phone number to rich them. In case you face any problem or call for more help.


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