How to Fix the 404 Page Not Found Error

You were searching for anything on your Google and found an error on the page not found? Then we understand that it can be confusing and disappointing all at once. But, you are not alone in this situation. Many other users are sailing the same boat and also looking for easy ways to fix the same. And if you have landed here in search of your answers then you shall be relaxed as you will be returning with a proper resolution from this article. 

Such problems can be caused because of errors and sometimes from the website’s end. But, sometimes the cause of the problem can be from our end. So, to get rid of this 404 error you can read the article further. 

First Know What is 404 Error? - What does it mean & how to fix it!

The error 404 is caused because of a server issue with HTTP status code. Or if you have typed a wrong domain name then also it can lead to error 404. This error can appear on any website or operating system not only on Google while searching. And there are different versions error when displayed in front of you depending upon the website you happen to use. You might see errors notified like:  

  1. 404 

  2. Error 404 

  3. 404 File or Directory Not Found. 

  4. HTTP 404 

And many other examples depending upon the website that you use. Now, this error can be caused because of some simple reasons which are discussed below. 

Causes of Error 404 Not Found! 

  1. When a user’s internet connection is not working properly and hence fluctuating. Because of this, the website did not get a proper internet connection and therefore could not display the required content. 

  2. If a user has entered the wrong name of a website or domain name. And the one entered does not have any website in the link. 

  3.  If the website domain name is correct but it has shifted to another URL without notification. 

  4. Another reason can be if the website’s server is not working from the technical end which can lead to error 404. 

There can be many other reasons which can cause such errors. But you do not have to get disappointed or puzzled. It is a minor error that can be solved if a user follows simple steps. And these simple steps to fix 404 pages not found error can be discussed below. 

Recommended Ways to Fix 404 Error Not Found! 

  1. First and foremost, check the internet connection. If you find that the internet connection is not working properly then contact the network service provider to get this issue fixed as soon as possible. 

  2. Check the name of the website that you are searching for. If you find that you have entered the wrong name then correct it and your issue will be resolved. 

  3. You can even choose to refresh the page and hence the web browser in which you are searching for the website. 

  4. Also, do not forget to clear the browser caches from its settings. 

  5. If a website is displaying a 404 error even after multiple attempts, trying to use it on another device and web browser and even on mobile then it could be possible that the website has blocked your ISP. And to fix this you can change your ISP and check for the website. 

  6. If you find that website has temporary issues then you can choose to wait for a few minutes. And when the maintenance is completed you can use the same without error. 

Thus, a user can choose any steps stated above to fix 404 pages not found error. But, in case your issue is still the same and has not resolved then you can choose to contact the customer service which is 24/7 active. 

Writing in today’s time is just not limited to fiction, short stories or poems. People have also started to take up content writing as a full-time career which has an attractive pay scale as well as exposure. And social media in today’s time is giving a wonderful platform to aspiring writers. In fact, there are so many applications that are designed purposely for creating content and share with several people at one time. Word press is one of those online tools that all the occasional, as well as full-time writers, use to design and create the content. From short stories to one-liners or blogs/articles, you can write anything.

Know more about 404 pages not found WordPress error, its major corrective solutions

People benefited the most by this platform are the freelancers or the ones pursuing writing as their hobbies. And if in a case comes an issue, the site crashes and affects a lot of people who are regular users of Word press. And one of the major issues faced by the users is error code 404. If you are writing something and all of sudden, error 404 not found appears on the screen then you might not be able to work on the website. But fixing this issue is quite easy and you can always recover your word press account in no time. To find out about the steps on how to solve this error and the possible reasons behind it, tap below for the details.

How to fix the issue of Error 404 in WordPress

No matter how serious the issue is, this error code always has a solution that the user can resolve on his own. By following a few easy troubleshooting steps, you can get over the issue in no time. To find out the methods to fix the issue, tap on the below points.

1. Always save the permalinks

The easiest solution to fix the issue of error code 404 is to save your permalinks. By following this step is, you can update your .ht access file. To do the updates, click on the settings followed by the Permalink option.

2. Manually reset permalinks  

If updating the .ht access file does not resolve the issue then you can also do it manually. For the settings kindly update the site using FTP (FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL).

3.If your site is in the main domain

In case your site falls in the main domain then you can follow the proper codes and programs to fix it.

4.If your site is in the main domain

In case your site falls in the main domain file then there is a separate programming language for that. For accessing it, visit the website.

5. In case of a file is in a subdirectory

 But if the file falls in the subdirectory then there is a different program for that.

And that’s how you can fix the issue of 404 pages not found word press. And if in case you are still not able to fix the issue of 404 error code then try contacting the customer care team. You can reach out to the customer care team with the help of a call and mail and tell them your issue. And they will try fixing the issue if its severe and you are not able to solve it.


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