how to remove secure search bar from Mozilla Firefox

You can remove Mozilla Firefox search bar in two means; i.e. remove Firefox by using Add-ons Manager and reinstall it. Both the methods are presented in this page. You can prefer to use the Add-ons Manager if you are willing to remove the Mozilla Firefox search bar from your computer. We will speak about it in the first paragraph. Eventually, we will discuss the removal by its reinstallation.

Remove Mozilla Firefox search bar by Add-ons Manager

  • Open the [Menu] window 
  • Choose [Add-ons] to open the Add-ons Manager
  • The selection of [Extensions] panel is suggested to you now
  • Hit on the toolbar you wish to remove
  • You will find the [Remove] button which is needed to be clicked
  • Click on the [Restart] button if it pops up
  • All your tabs will be restored after you restart it

Make the use of the [Disable] option if you are facing problem in removing the toolbar from the Add-ons Manager. To execute the removal properly, you will have to restore the [Default New Tab] page and reset your [Firefox search preferences]. Nevertheless, other solutions are there for you if you are asking how do I remove Mozilla Firefox search bar?

Remove Mozilla Firefox search bar by its reinstallation

This process applies to you if another software provider has customized your current Firefox installation. It starts with the removal of Firefox browser from your computer. Download it after the removal completes. Then you will need to open the Firefox download page and download it. Reinstall the web browser to get rid of the concerned problem.

Mostly cases handle by customer service staff of Mozilla Firefox while customer feel like a bad experience with this browser they can get easy help for technical support troubleooting errors.



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