Norton Antivirus Not Working

21st century has created a parallel world apart from our physical world i.e. Cyberspace. Cyberspace is a term which referred to as the digital world where our digital devices is connected to the internet or a network.  Most of us spend much of our time in this parallel world either mailing, chatting, blogging and so on. The promises it offers to us is quite amazing as most of our  daily activities is done  online like shopping, transaction, payment of bliss is done online or through the help of various devices connected to the the internet. The opportunity it offers is quite amazing and so does the risk. Over the course of time it has also became a place for various types of crimes, online attack, stealing of critical data and personal information. To Protects one from any kind of cyber threat, there are various organization and private corporation which offers cyber security in order to protect the customers from any type of attack. One such giant corporation in the Cyber security field is Norton Antivirus Security.  

Norton customer service department always available for human help 

Are you known about Norton Antivirus? If not, then let me reminds you, Norton antivirus is one of the leading name in the cyber security business which protects customer data whether organization or personal from any kind of attacks.  The best feature about this software is its successful resist against all the kinds of ransomware, Trojan and malware attack as well as help in successfully removed malware from one’s personal devices.  But occasionally user do faces certain problem regarding its installation and up gradation as well as scanning procedure. One of the major issue user do faces is Norton not working. one can take the help of customer service or follow these common procedures to change it .

  • First of all, exit all the programs and restart the computer .
  • If the problem remains there’s then Download and run the Norton Remove and reinstall tool.
  •  If the Norton is installed then uninstall it  in order to resolve norton antivirus not responding
  • Then download the Norton Remove and reinstall tool .
  • Save the file to the windows Desktop  either save it to default location or choose one location .
  • To open the downloads window in the browser, press the Ctrl+J key .
  • Then Double click  on the NRnR  Icon .
  • Read the license agreement and click on Agree button.
  • Click remove and reinstall button .
  •  One may further Click on  Continue or Remove button .
  • Click on the  Restart Now  button .
  • Again now follow on the instruction in order to reinstall the Norton.

If the problem persist and even after following these procedure, then  once can Call on Norton Toll Free Number which user will be find on the Norton website by clicking on the contact. Their excellent team which work all time will help to solve an issue at the minimal time.


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