Fix Google chrome not responding windows 7,810

Google chrome is a profoundly used Internet program over the world. It offers the quickest, most secure, and safe web browsing experience. In any case, it is comprehended that each application or programming has a few issues which require critical consideration.

Recommended steps for Google chrome not responding windows 7,8.10

Right-click and select properties Go to the desktop icon of Google chrome the off chance that you are additionally casualty of any issues of Google chrome, you are at the correct point on the grounds that here we are giving the best Google chrome specialized help 24* seven through online help, remote help, and live chat. Often users face issues like Google chrome not responding to windows7, 8, 10. So here is the complete tutorial to debug such errors promptly.

  1. In the SHORTCUT section go to the Target text box and type in '-no-sandbox' after the bit that says "C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe" 
  2. Close Google Chrome if it's running in the background 
  3. Re-open and make sure you are running as Administrator

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