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Abobe Flash Player is one of the top-notch computer software which is used for content created on the Adobe Flash player and also use to view multimedia contents, internet applications, and streaming audio and video. It is also used as a browser plug-in on browsers and smartphones to access the flash contents. In spite of these features, sometimes many users confront problems when using Abobe Flash Player on their multiple devices and find the solutions to fix this issue. There could be many reasons behind Abobe Flash Player not working issue and you can simply fix those problems with simple troubleshooting. In this article, you will learn about the step by step process to fix the not working issue of Abobe Flash Player in a very simple and effective manner.

Recommended steps to fix Adobe Flash Player not working issue

At times, the users may face the issue of Adobe Flash Player not working. For this the user needs to follow the steps stated below. 

  1. Check if Flash is enabled or not.
  2. Make sure the website isn’t blocked for accessing flash.
  3. Check site information.
  4. Update Adobe Flash Player.
  5. Clear Browser Cache.

Step 1: Checking if Flash is enabled or not

The users may follow the steps stated below in order to check if Flash is enabled or not.

  • The user needs to open the Chrome browser and then paste chrome://settings/content/flash in the URL bar. Then the users may click enter.
  • Then the user needs to make sure that the option stating  Allow Sites To Run Flash is enabled.
  • After this the user needs to disable the Ask First option. Then the user needs to  reload the website where flash isn’t working.
  • At last if flash is working, then the users may go back to the  Flash settings and then enable the Ask First option.
  • Finally the user should allow the website to access Flash Player.

Step 2: Making sure that the website Isn’t Added To the  Block List From Accessing Flash

At times, the user may face the issue of Adobe flash player stop working which the user may follow these steps.

  • The user may open the flash settings in the Chrome browser by pasting chrome://settings/content/flash in the URL bar.
  • Then in the Block list,  the user needs to check if the website on which the  user is trying to run flash, is not added.
  • In case the website is added, then the users may remove it from the list.
  • Then the user may reload the web page and the user will be asked to access Flash player.

Step 3: Checking Site Information:

For checking the site information, the user needs to follow the steps stated below:

  • The user needs to open the website where the flash is not working in Chrome.
  • Then the users may click on the website information tab.
  • After this the users may look for the Flash option and then  click on it and select the option stating Always Allow On This Site.
  • Finally the user may reload the web page and then check if flash is working on that web page or not.

Step 4: Updating  Flash Player In Chrome:

  • The user may open the Chrome browser and then paste chrome://components in the URL bar.
  • After this the user may find the status of the Adobe Flash Player component, if it’s up-to-date, then the Flash Player is updated, otherwise the user may click on the option of Check For Updates.
  • If the updates are available , then the users may update it.

Step 5: Clearing the Browser Cache

  • Finally, the users may clear the browser cache at last.
  • The above-stated steps will help to fix the issue of Adobe flash player not working in browsers.

Adobe Flash Player not Working? Here are the Simple Solutions to Fix It?

There are varied reasons why you facing the not working issue of Abobe Flash Player on your preferred browser and some of them are listed below:

  • Unwanted browser caches and cookies.
  • The plugin is not supported.
  • Using the older versions of the browser.
  • Flash player blocked due to outdated.
  • Browser not loading flash player.
  • Older OS of your device.
  • The Flash player is not enabled.

How to Fix Abobe Flash Player not Working on Chrome Browser?

Do you want to fix not working issues of Abobe Flash Player not working on Chrome browsers or other devices? But don’t know how to fix it due to the lack of knowledge? Then you can fix Abobe Flash Player not working issue very easily with the help of below steps:

Solution 1: Enable Flash Player in Browser

Make sure that you have properly enabled the flash player in your browser and you can follow the below steps to enable it:

  • First of all, open your Chrome browser and then go to the menu icon which is available at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and then click on Settings.
  • Now click on the Privacy and Security section.
  • Click on Site Settings and then scroll down to find Flash.
  • Now you can enable the Flash player by toggling the button.

Solution 2: Update Flash Player Plug-in

Ensure that you have the proper flash player plug-in because older or faulty plug-ins in your browser may also cause Adobe Flash Player not working issues and you can easily fix the issues of not working of the flash player after updating them to the latest one. You can also try another browser to check where the problem is?

Solution 3: Restart your device and browsers

It is one of the most recommended ways to fix the varied problems related to flash player and you can simply restart both your computer or browser and then check whether the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Update your browser

Sometimes using an outdated browser may also cause such kind of issues and then you can update your Chrome browser to fix this issue as per below steps:

  • Open your Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Now scroll down and click on the Help section.
  • Click on About Google Chrome option.
  • Now check if any latest version available and then update it.

With these above-given steps can help you to resolve Adobe Flash Player stop working on Chrome issue on your browser very easily. But if you are continuously getting this issue even after following these steps, then you can contact the support team of Adobe and obtain the relevant solutions to fix this problem.

Get guideline for downloading the Adobe Flash Player on Mac

Adobe Flash Player is a technical software that is used for creating content online with the help of multimedia elements. With the help of audio, video, and other online applications, users can access the Adobe flash guide. Although Adobe Flash can be downloaded and installed on all types of devices. In case if you access Mac devices then you can easily download and install it properly.

Steps to download the Adobe Flash on Mac

  • To download the Flash player, open the official download page and select the operating system. You can pick it from the drop-down menu which is present on the left side of the page.
  • Next pick from the list if you want to download the adobe flash player for Mac chrome and opera or Safari and firefox by clicking on the second drop-down menu which is present on the left side of the page.
  • Select the link of Download now and click on the right side of the page.
  • Install Flash for the MAC device just like for any other Mac software.

Steps to update Adobe Flash Player on Mac device

Any online application like Adobe Flash player requires to be updated on regular intervals to ensure the efficiency in performance. So if you want to update Adobe flash player on Mac, then users can easily do it with the help of the following steps.

  • On your Mac device, go to the screen and click on the apple Spotlight by pressing the command key on the keyboard and tap on the space bar.
  • Now type Flash player and then you will see a link of “Flash Player.prefPane” under the option of system preferences. Now click on it and proceed ahead.
  • Go to the update tab and tap on the check now button.
  • Now having completed steps, if your application finds any update then you will be notified about it and hence will get updated

If you don't have the Adobe Flash Player application on your system then you can download it with the help of the following steps.

How to disable the Adobe flash player for Mac?

Adobe Flash player is an online application that consumes a lot of battery and space in any type of device. Hence once your work gets finished, you can uninstall or remove it from your Mac device so that you can at least save some extra space in the system. To disable the Adobe flash player, follow these steps.

For the Safari browser

  • Open the safari browser and go to the menu bar and select the menu preferences.
  • Now select the security button and now plug in the settings
  • Uncheck the adobe flash player from the left side menu.
  • Having finished all the steps, now the user can save the changes made.

Levels to disable the Adobe in chrome browser

  • Open the chrome browser and navigate to the settings link
  • Now locate the flash player listing in the content settings and tap on it.
  • Next, uncheck allow sites to run the flash option.
  • Now close the link to confirm the changes made.

Disabling the Adobe flash on firefox

  • First of all, open the Firefox and type about: addons in the Firefox address bar.
  • Click on the plugins in the left corner side.
  • Look for the flash and select the option of never activate or ask to activate from the drop-down option next to it.
  • Now close all the tabs to confirm the changes.

And hence you are done! With the help of all the given above instructions, the user can modify all types of settings in the Adobe flash player. If in case you come across any doubt or query, you can contact the customer care team of adobe either by dropping a mail or calling on helpline number. You can contact them anytime between 24x7.

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