Mozilla Firefox not working

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is free to use and is open source software. It offers features like tabbed browsing, private browsing and a download manager. If there is issue like Mozilla Firefox not working, get immediate tech support to fix the issue.

Reason why Mozilla Firefox stops working ?

  • Memory Leaks: Memory leak cause Firefox to go down by not releasing unused memory browser has reserved certain tasks and operations.
  • Extensions and themes: Since most themes and extensions are developed by third parties, these extensions might often cause Firefox to go down.
  • Plugins: Plugins sometimes give Firefox to reserve more memory when in use, and then do not free up the memory until Firefox is closed. Uninstall unnecessary plugins to keep Firefox working properly.
  • History: To clear the history, click on “Features”-> “Settings” -> “Privacy” ->“Download History” -> “Remove Files from Download Manager”-> “After a successful download”.
  • Viruses and spyware: Certain viruses and spyware can cause Firefox to not display pages correctly, run very slowly, or it stops Firefox from working. The best way to avoid crashes and errors caused by viruses is to keep the Firefox browser updated. Also the antivirus program of the computer must be updated time to time.

How to fix Firefox not working ?

If Mozilla Firefox is not working, reset Mozilla Firefox to default settings.

  • Close the Firefox browser.
  • Now click the “Start” button in Windows and click “All Programs”.
  • Search for “Firefox (Safe Mode)”. Firefox Safe Mode allows you to reset Firefox settings and preferences to the default settings.
  • Click “Reset All User Settings to Firefox defaults” and save the changes.
  • Get instant support through Mozilla Firefox Customer service to fix the issue.

What to do if Pinterest is not working on Mozilla Firefox ?

Many users use Pinterest through Firefox browser. If there are issues while opening Pinterest and Pinterest not working on Firefox, then first uninstall the Pinterest plugin and then try reinstalling it. This could be the best way to start using Pinterest again through the Mozilla Firefox web browser.


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