Microsoft Office Not Responding

Microsoft office is used to do the Manual office work or personal work as it provides so many applications such as Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft power point, Microsoft one note and Microsoft access. Developed by Microsoft it provides so many features so it is used by many users. To create numerical spreadsheets Microsoft excel is useful. For creating professional presentations, many people use Microsoft power point.

How to resolve various issues associated with Microsoft office when it is not working

When any body use Microsoft office so there may be chance you may have some technical issue. Because of these technical glitches Microsoft office does not work in a proper way. If Microsoft office not working then user need to fix all these issue. Some common issue which are faced by users are discussed below such as Microsoft office is not responding when save any file, password recovery issue, Network sharing issue and so on. User will have a look on these issues.

Microsoft office is not responding to save a file : For resolving this issue user need to check that the computer is connected to one or more networking access which are offline. For resolving these issues user need to click on the My computer then click on the disconnected network drive. Here select the driver which user want to disconnect then click on the OK button. Now go to the start option then Run. Select the computer name, if any resource is shared wit it then disconnect it. After that user can save your file.

User need to copy document into another file: For this you have to go in the file menu and then click on the New then Blank document. After that user have to select object in the Text group. Select the file which you want to Insert.

Erase Microsoft office registry sub key: This is common issue which come with Microsoft word when user restart the program then rebuilds the Word data registry key with the help of Default settings. So they need to delete this registry key for troubleshooting office.

User must have to disable the Startup folder add-ins: For this go to the windows explorer. Then user have to type Windows ex in the search option. press enter. Type the command to start the word.

Avoid persistent connections: If any mapped drive is connected then user need to uncheck the box that is reconnect at logon. After uncheck this box, any mapped drive will not be connected automatically when user start computer.

Contacting to Microsoft office agents through phone number

If user are getting any issue while using Microsoft office then user may contact to Microsoft office toll free number. This is available on the Internet. User can call any time on this for resolving any problem. User will be in direct contact of Microsoft office technician after making call on this number.

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