How to fix Microsoft word not responding?

microsoft word not responding

One of the proficient text moderator software application of microsoft that le user to access writing in error free manner is Microsoft word. Inspite of huge astonishing attributes of word, user may face trouble while working with the application. User may experience Microsoft word not responding in uniform manner. Some of the reasons behind the hiccup could be conflicting of word with another software application, malware threatening and many more. To resolve the issue in cost effective manner, user can follow some of the solution and resolve the issues instantly.

How to resolve the recurring issue of Microsoft word fails to respond in swift manner ?

User can disable the add-ins

User is required to firstly hit click on file option. Moving ahead, user can hit click on word  option. Moreover, user is required to hit single click on add-ins tab that appears on screen.Furthermore, user is required to hit click on go button option that come beneath com-in add option in error free manner. Moreover, user is required to disable the add-ins and finally hit click on ok option. User can even try to launch word application in safe mode to get the issue resolved.

Effective approach to smoothly retrieve the unsaved work

When microsoft word not responding unsaved work, user can easily try the ease US recovery software tool .user is required to choose the drive that has been swiftly used to save the lost and unsaved word document and hit single click on scan option. Now user is required to wait till scanning process has commenced. Moreover, user is required to wait till deep scanning process is moving ahead and desired file appears on screen. Moreover, user is required to hit click on recover files and select the file that was not saved and need to be recovered in error free manner.

How to procure Microsoft word support and guidance immediately ?

Whenever any plethora of error persist, is user pondering on the concern that how to get Microsoft word support help? The answer is straightaway reach out expertise who are equipped with latest innovative technique to resolve the technical bugs in nick of time. For customer convenience, technical expertise are functional across the globe from any location and at any time to render magnificent solution in cost effective manner at doorstep. Drop down anxiousness and get the enormous errors ward off in single click. Just trigger call on help line number today to seek impeccable resolution.

microsoft word not responding mac

Microsoft – it is an American technology company which has it’s headquarter located at Microsoft Redmond Campus, Redmond Washington U.S. It develops, manufactures, licenses, support and sell software, computer electronics, personal computers and its services. Microsoft word is the word processor developed by Microsoft. Word files are used by the individual for sending text documents as email as it can be easily read by a computer .Microsoft formed the Macintosh Business unit as an independent group which only meant for writing for software for Mac OS , as it is used commonly there can be some concerns which are associated with it .

Microsoft Word not responding Mac – As the individual is using the service there can be a situation when the Microsoft word not responding on Mac and the error shows up it could be because of couple of reasons

  • Word preferences are corrupted
  • The account profile is corrupted
  • If there are programs which are running in the background is not able to let it work for Mac
  • Applications are corrupted

To over the concern one can take the steps which are as following

  • Reset word for Mac preferences – it is bring to the notice that after taking the steps one will not be able to access the shortcuts or changes to the toolbars
    • Go on the menu click on home then look for library , if it is OS 10.7or above then click go
    • From the preference folder drag on to the desktop , in case the file is not there move to the next step
    • Try to start word , is the error still there in case yes , quit word and restore both files to the original location and move on the next step ,if the error is not there then quit Word and drag one of the files to its default location and try again if the error reoccurs that in that case that file can be corrupted move the same to the trash     
    • Quit all the programs
    • Go back to the Go menu , click on home and look for the library If the version is 10.7 or above click go , in order to choose library hold down the option key
    • Click the application software folder , then  look for the Microsoft folder  , then the office folder and then the User templates folder
    • Look for Normal.dotmfile, and drag the same to the desktop
    • Start Word , if the error is still there one can seek help from the forum  and if not Quit Word and drag Normal.dotm from your desktop to trash and hence the concern will be sorted

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