Microsoft account recovery

Microsoft account is a combination of email address and password which is used to access various Microsoft services such as Outlook, Skype, Word and much more. One can easily access their Microsoft account to access these services. But troubles come when users forgot their password. If you are one among those users, then you can easily reset the password of your Microsoft account that is very easy and simple.

Follow the below Microsoft account recovery password steps to recover the password:

  • First of all, go to by using a web browser.
  • Enter your email ID and then click on Next.
  • Choose a method of password recovery via Email me a reset link and then you will receive a password reset link to your alternate email address.
  • Now open the password reset link that you have received in your email ID.
  • Enter a new password for your Microsoft account and then re-enter to confirm.
  • After that, click on Next tab to complete the procedure.

Now you can easily log-in to your Microsoft account with a new password that you have created through above-given steps. If you have any other problem, then contact Microsoft account recovery number to get highly reliable technical assistance from the professionals. They will help to recover your Microsoft account in a very easy way.

How to Get Microsoft Account Recovery Code?

Account hacking or forgot password is one of the most common things faced by the users in these days. Microsoft account holder often faces this problem. But they can easily recover their Microsoft account through various ways such as phone number or email ID. In such conditions, a verification code will send to your alternate recovery options that play an important role for account recovery. If you don’t know how to get this recovery code, then follow the mentioned steps very carefully.

First of all, go to the Microsoft account recovery page and then enter your email ID that password you want to reset. After that, you will need to select an option that how you want to receive a verification code. Choose an option to get a code and then you can successfully get a code on your registered phone number.

How to Use Microsoft Account Recovery Code?

After getting the verification code, most of the users confused that where to use this received code. Even it’s very simple to use.Well, when you will receive the verification code to your phone number or email ID, then you need to proceed to the next step where Microsoft asks to enter the received code. And then enter the code to verify your identity that will help to recover your Microsoft account.

Account Recovery on Microsoft Via Using Security Information

  • Follow the steps mentioned below to use your security information for your Microsoft account recovery.
  • At first, visit the recovery page in your web browser and then mention the email address, phone number, or Skype ID that you use for signing into your account.
  • Select Next and then Microsoft will ask you to choose from the alternate contact email addresses or phone numbers linked to your account, so that you can be sent a security code. Select Next after choosing your recovery option.
  • In case, if you can’t figure out the mentioned contact options, then return to the previous page and ensure that you have entered the username correctly. Besides, keep the spellings correct of the username or Skype ID.
  • In another case, if you don’t find the contact methods usable, then choose “I don’t have any of these”, and then you can go through another Microsoft account recovery method discussed in the next section.
  • Now, if you recognize your email address or phone number, then verify it and click on Send Code.
  • Now, Microsoft will fetch you a security code to the alternate contact information you have selected. For email option, ensure to checkout your junk folder, if you don’t find the code.
  • Mention the security code, in the Verify your identity section and then click on Next.
  • Now, you can create a new password into the New password box, and then re-enter it to confirm the changes.

Account Recovery via Filling Out The Recovery Form On Microsoft

  • In order to do your Microsoft account recovery via recovery form, ensure to provide a working email address so that Microsoft can send your information about your account recovery request. In case, if you don’t have another email address, then you can create on with Outlook.
  • Hereafter, enter the highlighted characters correctly for human verification and then click on Next. Microsoft will send you a code on the provided email address, and you’ll need enter that code in the given field.
  • Now, you can finish the form from a device and a location, that Microsoft will recognize as the recent device through which you have accessed your account, as well as the known location.
  • Finally, you’ll need to answer as many questions as you can, and the wrong ones won’t be counted against you.

What If You Can’t Prove That You Own The Account On Microsoft?

  • In such events, you can make 2 attempts per day for your Microsoft account recovery. Besides, you may also be able to remember the correct recovery information.
  • You are always welcomed to create a new account on Microsoft, if you’re facing issues with the account recovery request.
  • Moreover, Microsoft sometimes denies to the invalid account made in order to protect your account and its content. Plus, Microsoft also has policies that can help you to keep your account via using strong passwords, security contact information, encryption, etc. However, its only you, who can reset the password of your account along with making any certain security modifications in it.

Confirm Your Identity with the Email Address or Phone Number Linked to Your Account

Whenever you try to recover your Microsoft account, you will be asked to verify your identity in order to make sure that you are the real owner of your account. In such conditions, you can use your recovery email address or phone number to confirm your identity for the Microsoft account. During the Account Recovery options, you will have to select any one method for the verification between the phone number and email address. You will get the below two options during the Microsoft account recovery options:

  • Via Recovery Email: If you will choose the option of recovery email for the verification, then you will be sent a security code by Microsoft on your linked email address for the recovery. You can note this received code and use it to recover the Microsoft account.

  • Via Phone Number: If you choose the phone number option to confirm your identity, then you will get a verification code on your recovery phone number. You can click on the Get Code option and then you will also be confirmed the last four digits of your recovery phone number in order to confirm that you are the owner of the provided phone number.

  • After getting the code on your selected method, you will have to enter into the given field under the Verify your identity page and then you can click on the Next tab after entering the received code.

  • Now Reset your password page will open where you can enter the new password for your Microsoft account according to your choice and then you need to re-enter the same password to confirm.

  • Now you can simply click on the Next tab and then a message will appear Your account has been recovered which means you can easily access your Microsoft account again after confirming the identity.

Confirm Your Identity in Case You Don’t Have a Recovery Email Address

If you don’t have access to the recovery email address and then you can select the option I don’t have any access to these on the We need to verify your identity page. After selecting this option, you will have to follow the below steps:

  • You will be redirected to the next page where you can enter the email address of your choice that access you have into the given field and then click on the Next tab.

  • Enter the email address into the Contact email address box and then also enter the captcha characters into the given field. Click on the Next tab after entering the details.

  • Now Microsoft will send a verification code to your provided email address and then open that email address to check the verification code.

  • Now you can enter the received code from Microsoft into the given field and then click on Verify tab after entering the code.

  • After that, you will be redirected to the next page where you will have to fill in the basic details in a form such as your account details like first name and surname email address, date of birth, country, date of account creation, any Microsoft product if you are using, etc.

  • Click on Submit tab after entering the details and then the tech support team of Microsoft will review your provided information and then confirm your account restoration via email within 24 hours of the submission.

  • By following the above-given instructions, you can perform the Microsoft account recovery process using the different methods in a very simple and effective manner. But in case you are still getting any kind of issue while performing these instructions during the account recovery, then contact the support team of Microsoft for instant assistance.

A simple way to connect to the representative of Microsoft by Online chat

Go for the live chat

  • Microsoft expertise remains active 24*7 and 365 days a year for the award-winning technical support to resolve your query regarding seat. Click on the chatbox and start having a live conversation to get assistance.
  • In the first step effort, Head to the Microsoft online chat.
  • Tap on the blue “Get started” button to launch a chatbox.
  • Launch a virtual assistant that connect you with the agent content online.
  • Further, now you have to say that “I want to talk to a live representative” where you will be required to provide the product key information and other relevant warranty information.

Get the assistance by using Microsoft customer service and support

  • Get help from the questions about the product and services, you may ask them all the questions related to windows and office.
  • Ask them for the product key to get the right assistance to start working.
  • Draft an email about the nature of the problem that you are facing.

Some stated guidelines that you should use while dialing a phone number

  • In case you dial a phone number, you may ask questions or buy or purchase a product from the Microsoft store.
  • For knowing the order status you need to press 2.
  • In case if you seek for technical support assistance you can press 3.

Probably you may find difficulty to sign-in on the page due to change in the settings of your account. Turning on the two-step verification process will unable to enter the password. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines to Microsoft account recovery to get your password back. All the above steps are designed specifically for the Microsoft account. For further any query, you may contact at the desk support to get immediate assistance or solution.



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