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Outlook is one of the leading webmail featured by the Microsoft. It is generally used for the emails application. It also consists Contacts, Calendars, task manager and much more. Outlook made the email service very effective and hence allow the users to enjoy the mail function in an easy manner.

Having so many benefits, Outlook also undergoes for the downside and due to this, the users face an issue. Some of the reported issues are mentioned below with the solution.

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Outlook.com not receiving emails: - To resolve this issue, create a new email profile and to do the same, press 'Windows key and R key' together to open the 'Run box', now type “Control” in that box and click 'OK'. After clicking the same, 'Control Panel' will appear, click on “User Accounts” and then click on “Mail”. Thereafter you will see the 'Mail Setup box', click “Show Profiles” and from the same, click on “Add” to start the new profile. Give the name of the profile and then go to the “Manual Configure Server Setting”. From the 'Choose Service' section, click on “Internet Email” and here set your Account Type as POP3 and provide the correct details of the email client in Incoming Server Setting and Outgoing Server Setting. After performing the previous step, click “Next” and finally click “Finish”.

Outlook not receiving emails but can send: - First of all check your Junk Folder might be the emails reach to the junk folder instead of Inbox. The another cause may be the Inbox Filter, if the sort order is different then you won't be able to receive the new email. To resolve such thing, from your Inbox, select “Filter” and then select “All”, thereafter click on “Sort by” and select the Date. The next cause may be due to the “Focused Inbox” if it is enabled, then you might receive the new email in the “Other tab”, click on other tab and check your emails.

Outlook unable to send or receive emails: - a possible cause of this issue is due to the incorrect email server setting. Make sure you have entered the correct details of email administrator in the Incoming Server Setting and Outgoing Server Setting. Also, ensure that your account is set in POP3.

Outlook - it is a personal information manager which comes with the Microsoft office suite, it is commonly used as email application like any other email provider it also has calendar, task manager, contact manger, note taking, journal and one can web browse as well, as it is widely used there can be some concerns which are linked with it and at times the concern can be very specific as Outlook nor receiving mails from Gmail which can be because of various reasons and will be solved automatically if individual takes care of the following concerns

Outlook not receiving email from Gmail – that can be because of the following reasons

  • Email overloaded – As we all know that there is a limit assigned to email , if one exceeds that at times it works otherwise at times individual starts finding problem and indeed unable to receive emails in outlook from Gmail in this case one is advised to clean the email and can move some of the emails to trash
  • Hidden Filters – in Outlook as there are sub folder as All mail , Important , junk , sent , other folders because of the settings all the Gmail mails are moving to junk folder

Outlook not receiving the email from Gmail – to overcome the concern one can take the following steps

If one is using Outlook version 2003-

  • Open Outlook click on tools and look for option Email Account
  • Click on option View or change existing email account  and click continue
  • Look for the Gmail account which is setup in Outlook 2003 and hit on change
  • Go to more settings click on advanced tab , under the option Delivery group ensure leave a copy of messages on server is selected

If one is using Outlook version 2010

  • Hit on file and click on account settings
  • Double c lick on Gmail account click on more settings and then on advanced tab
  • Under the option Delivery group ensure leave a copy of messages on server is selected

If the concern is still not sorted and the individual is still unable to receive emails in outlook from Gmail can check settings, Go to file click on Manage Rules and Alerts under Email rule and see if there is any rule and one also needs o check if the Gmail email is moved to junk folder to overcome the concern take the following steps

  • Remove the email account and re –add the same


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