outlook searching not working

outlook reminders not working

Outlook email account is one of the excellent webmail accounts in terms of using professional and personal email services for the clients. There are most of the users who consider this webmail account as a quite simple mail service to use on their Windows 10 device. But sometimes it does not work fine and generates a number of problems.

Get solution when Outlook not working on Windows 10

There could be the several causes when Outlook email account is not working fine but before that, it is important to check out the settings of IMAP and SMTP mail server that fixes issues easily. However, if there is an issue and problem is not fixing, check out other services like Outlook search, Outlook reminder and other services to turn the problem into the solution. In addition to this, when Outlook does not work then it is important to go for the freezes and hangs issues to fix in no time.     

Get solution when Outlook searching not working

If someone is unnecessarily experiencing the email search display issue which is not showing recent emails and the email search is not working as expected to work, there is perhaps a problem occur in Windows indexing services. Windows indexing service creates an index of files on the PC to improve the search performance. If someone is using Windows 10 device he is required to install the search index update to fix the problem easily. 

He is required to remove the Windows search features from the control panel where he has to select the option, select the programs and features button and turn the features on or off and un-check the Windows search features and press yes button. Eventually, click ok button to confirm your decision press restart button and open Outlook email account. If Outlook account is working fine while searching any new recent emails, the task has been done correctly. 

Get solution when Outlook reminders not working fine

Microsoft Outlook email account has the most popular feature calendar that has the ability to receive reminders only for the schedule task and appointment. But when someone is not able to check the files due to disabled or corrupted the files. It is necessary to fix the correct entries that fix the issue and reinstate current reminder professionally. 

For the solution, he can go to the tools menu and select the advanced option to select the reminders. He needs to make sure the box is checked and press OK button and must for the reset button for the Microsoft Outlook reminders that open all missing and corrupt reminder folders stored properly.


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