How do I recover Google account with the help of page?

Gmail, an email service provider helps the users in having reliable communication with their business associates, clients, and their friends. This source of communication is quick and you can enjoy the facilities provided by it.

But have you ever thought about the loss that will happen if you lose access to your Google account? Well, there is a solution to everything and for this also. Let us look at the procedure of Google account recovery. The users can also contact Google help center for help.

Recommended Steps Involved in Google Account Recovery https //  Password Reset

  • Go to the link or type the URL in the browser.
  • Then, you have to click on the “Forgot password” below the password field.
  • In the next step, enter the last password you remember and click on Next.
  • Then you have to follow the on-screen instructions and you will be asked to open the recovery email address or the phone number on which you will receive the verification code.
  • Now, as per your choice, open the email or the phone number from Google and fill in the verification code in the message in the field.
  • You will be redirected to the password reset page where you have to enter the new password and confirm it in the labeled field.
  • Now, click on the change password option and click on continue. Your password and the account has been recovered and you can sign into Gmail with your new password.

Google support is the best alternative if the user is not clear about the process mentioned above. The experts are dedicated to cater to the needs and the requirements of the users and provide them with the best assistance. Also, the services are available round the clock to provide a lending hand to the users who are stuck in the problem.

 How to Access Google Account Recovery Page?

It is said that when you need to access your Google account on your device or any kind of internet browser, it is important to select the best security and privacy. And the email address and password are one of the best securities to protect your account while accessing, but sometimes people forget these things. If you are also facing the same challenge and forgot the password, you can simply access the Google account recovery page. If you face trouble to do so, it is important to solve this technical glitch soon.

  • At first, visit the Google account sign-in page and click on the sign-in button to access using its correct email address and password.
  • If you are unable to access then you should access the Google account recovery page but if showing an error click on the internet settings.
  • Now you must enter the email ID and press the next button and then click on the forgot password button.
  • Enter the security question or enter the mobile phone number to verify your account and get the verification code to enter.
  • You might see the Google account recovery link allows entering the new password into both new and confirm password filed that you can use to access at the end.

How to Recover Deleted Google Account?

When you deleted your Google account, it is important to know that within 60 or 90 days you can recover your deleted Google account. However, if you are not aware of the Google account recovery process and facing trouble, it will be necessary to learn the simple concept to recover your deleted Google account at once. Let’s get started how it works.

  • At first, visit the Google account sign-in page and enter the remember email address and password to access.
  • If you face any trouble, you must click on forgot password button and then see the deleted account’s information.
  • You must enter the alternate email address to verify your deleted account and then check out the email to see the verification code.
  • If you find the six-digit recovery codes then let’s enter it into the required filed and then a password recovery link will be showing on the next page.
  • Now you can see the recovery link allows you to enter the new password into both new and confirm password field at the end of the task.
  • It is hoped now that you have been learned the simple concept of the Google account recovery process when you delete your Google account knowingly or unknowingly.

 How To Recover Suspended Google Account?

When you notice that your Google account is suspended during sign-in, you must recover it expeditiously. As a result, you can’t send and receive emails until your account will not sign-in successfully and that can be possible after Google account recovery. If you don’t know to recover the suspended Google account you need to learn the steps with us now.

  • At first, you need to make sure that you have tried to access your account using its correct credentials.
  • If you are unable to access click on the administrator account and then select the user’s option to add the filter.
  • Select the user’s status and select the suspended Google account and then select the recovery or reactive option.
  • Click on the confirm button and then enter the recovery email address or phone number and get the verification code.
  • Enter the code to get the recovery link for your suspended Google account and enter the new password to access it at the end.  
  • In this way, you can access your suspended Google account easily to share your important emails to your clients and users at any time error-free.

Recovering Google account via SMS

  • For those who have linked their phone number with the Google account, they can follow the instructions listed below to request code via SMS and reset the account password.
  • To begin the recovery process using SMS service, launch the recovery page of Google.
  • Now, provide the username or phone number used for accessing the Google account.
  • Once the account is identified, the user can opt for recovery via phone number.
  • Further, a code will be provided to the user on the registered mobile number.
  • Then, the user is required to provide a particular code at the time of account verification.
  • And once the account is verified, the user can recover their Google account and save the changes.
  • In case, if the particular recovery procedure doesn’t work for the user, they can hop onto the other alternative procedures mentioned below.

Recovering Google account over a voice call

For the users who are facing issues in receiving code using SMS, they can request the same over a voice call and complete the Google Account recovery process. For requesting code over a call, one needs to follow the listed instructions:

  • At first, the user needs to launch the official recovery page of Google.
  • Now, provide the registered email id or phone number to access the account details.
  • After the account is identified, the user will be offered with various recovery options.
  • Further, pick recovery via phone option and select provide code over a voice call.
  • And then, the user will receive a phone call and they will be offered with a verification code.
  • Once the code is received, the user needs to mention the particular code and complete the verification process.
  • And once the account is verified, the user can proceed to create a new password for the Google account.
  • After that, the user can save the changes and access the account using the new password.

Recovering Google account without using security questions

For those who don’t remember the security questions linked to the Google account, they can check out the listed instructions of Google Account recovery to restore access to their account using the alternative options available for restoring access to the account.

  • Initially, to begin the process, launch the Google recovery page and state the email or phone number used to access the account.
  • After the account is identified, the user will be prompted to enter the last password for the account.
  • If the account is verified, then the user can reset the Google account password.
  • Besides, the user can even request for a code over a phone number or linked email.
  • And then, the user can complete the verification process.
  • Further, the user can also request a phone prompt, if they linked their device to the Google account.
  • In the case of a phone prompt, the user simply needs to tap on the phone prompt and complete the account verification process.
  • After completing the account verification process, the user can create a new password for the Google account.
  • Also, it is suggested that the user keep an alphanumeric combination in mind while creating a new password.
  • Once the user has followed the Google recovery process properly, they can restore access to their account.
  • Further, once the new password for the Google account is created, the user can access the account using the new password.

.Hence, this page will clear your whole doubts to recover Google account using simple advice and help and get complete help to solve the Google account recovery issues at a certain time appropriately.

Contact Google support instantly

Yes, we look for the solution by sitting at one place to get reach to the solution. And here what Google does to assist every customer to bridge the gap of a problem and the solution. Google account recovery team comes with endless possibilities of the solutions available online.

Different Modes and Features of Google support services.

  • G-suite help: Yes it is a well-known fact that if you avail the service of G-suite, you won’t get disappointed because paid subscriptions are answered earlier and prioritize first.
  • Ring for the phone support: If you are looking for dedicated support from Google, make a call directly to the customer support team to get a quick solution of your query in their own preferred language.
  • Email support assistance: Compose mail and share your cogent concern through mail to get quick or the immediate solution of your query.
  • Let’s connect life: Every individual looks for the immediate solution or assistance without giving much effort. So use the chatbox to connect live with the team. Participate actively and engage you with the team to clear your query.
  • Follow On the official page of support Google, you have to answer all the questions on the prompt message of how we can help you. In access, you give the concern to accelerate the process

Finally, you connect Google account recovery professionals if you are looking for the immediate assistance from the customer support team, you may call directly to the customer support team It is world-wide known fact that Google Engineers and the support team have been leaders in the development and growth of the IT sector since the company’s inception. Google features extensive resources for the award-winning technical support 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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