Why Google cannot verify my account belongs to me?

Google accounts are almost everyone’s favorite and they are used for various purposes especially for maintaining communication via emails and accessing Android services. Their unmatched popularity among billions of users and top-notch security features are just unquestionable. However, there are times when users get locked out of their account or Google denies verifying them as the owner of their accounts. Well, this usually happens when users either lose access to their accounts or login into them via an unknown device.

However, this could be a worrying situation for users but their emails are still temporarily secured. Moreover, the error of letting you know that your Google account is unable to verify you as its owner can appear in many ways such as the Play Store at Google is not working or the contact information isn’t verified, etc. So, if you are also thinking about why Google can't verify my account belongs to me then read this post further and get to know about the top solutions to fix this.

Various useful steps for verifying Google account

If you want to reset your account password, delete the account, or trying to make any kind of sensitive change in your Google account or settings, you might have to verify your account. If you are needed to verify your account you will be able to see the following options to complete the verification and get a solution to why Google can't verify my account belongs to me.

  • Code verification through SMS
  • Password reset link through email
  • Answering the security questions

Various questions and issues users faces :

You will get the verification method as per your account settings.

  • I did not set up the security questions on my account due to which I found that Google can’t verify my account by answering the security question because that option is unavailable.
  • While creating an account I didn't mention alternate email addresses registered with the Google account for verifying.
  • While creating an account I didn't mention the recovery phone number for verification due to which I wouldn't receive SMS containing the verification code.

So one must provide Security questions, alternate email address, recovery phone number for verification while making an account or you also verify your account Account Recovery Form options

Recommended steps to Fix Google unable to verify your account issue (+1-802-267-5891)

In order to fix Google is unable to verify you as your account’s owner, you’ll need to verify the details for your account such as phone number, password, email address, etc. Once you have done that, you can have access to your Google account without any hassle. Here’s how.  Besides, this also helps Google to verify that you are actually the owner of your account and are not trying to hack it. Therefore, read the methods mentioned below carefully and fix Google cannot verify my account belongs to me problem quickly or for quick support contact third party support.

Via Using Recovery Options – Phone Number And Email Address

The following steps will help you to verify your Google account via using the email address & phone number that you have linked with your account.

  • At first, fire up your web browser and then visit Google’s official account recovery page.
  • Here, you’ll need to mention your account’s username or email address and then select the Next button.
  • Now, enter the last password linked to your Google account or simply click on the “Try another way” option if you don’t know the last password.
  • Next, choose from the phone number or email address to get an account verification code on the selected option from Google.
  • Once you have got the code then enter it in the provided space on the Google’s account verification page.
  • Now that you have verified your account, you can simply create a new password to avoid further such types of inconveniences.

Therefore, you should be able to fix Google cannot verify my account belongs to me problem with the help of the aforementioned straightforward process. On the contrary, if you do not remember the phone number or email address linked to your account then here’s what you can do to verify your Google account’s ownership.

Via Using Other Recovery Options –  Account Recovery Form

  • Google lets you submit its account recovery form through which you can easily verify your account. Here’ how.
  • In your web browser, navigate to the support page of Google and then select the account recovery option.
  • Here, look for the “Google recovery form” via using the device from which you usually access your Google account.
  • Now, fill the correct details for all the required fields and then make sure to provide more details regarding your account as much as possible.
  • Furthermore, submit the form to Google and wait until they get back to you with a proper solution.

Google usually takes around 3 days to revert back to the account recovery queries. Once they are done with reviewing your request form, they’ll contact you with the best solution possible. If you are not able to verify your account using the account verification options you need to seek assistance in the following ways:

  • Get online help from Google support through website or chat
  • Contact the Google customer service for manual intervention by an expert

If you are not able to verify your Google account using any of the methods given above, you need to use the option of Google can’t verify my account help on the Google support page. You need to verify your account by a valid photo ID such as your Driving license, passport, national ID, etc. Once you get in touch with the Google support representative, you need to elaborate on the concern you have and the representative will start working to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.


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