How many google accounts can i have on my phone

how many google accounts can i have on m

Gmail, Google's free email benefit, is an effective and proficient email customer that can do substantially more than simply send and get email. It is very common query that how many Google accounts can I have on my phone. For the individuals who utilize more than one Gmail account, you may have thought about whether you could have more than one Gmail account on Android or iphone. The fact is user can create maximum 5 Gmail Id from one phone number. Due to these confinements many individuals offering or offering Gmail account. Purchasing a Gmail account is honest to goodness on the off chance that you have excess cash, occupied on the grounds that a great deal of work, sluggish, or different reasons. Simply had a phone number be that as it may, If user need to make unlimited Gmail account from one mobile number. At that point user can take after this means for how many Gmail accounts I can create with one phone number.

Steps given by Google expert at contact number

  • To start with open your program and type the address in the address bar and hit enter. 
  • Enter the phone number/Mobile column number without the number "0", at that point click next. 
  • Following a couple of moments you will get an instant message from Google that contains the URL, duplicate the URL address in your browser's address bar and hit enter. 
  • Fill in every single asked for datum comparing to the sections gave. At that point click Next. 
  • Enter the email address that you need in the username field and after that click select or you can pick one of the proposed address with a click select. 
  • In the following stage, enter the password you need and after that click finish. 
  • Your first account creation process has been finished. In case you're interested to demonstrate whether the email account is as of now ready to utilize what you have not please go to Gmail and enter the username and password recently made. For more informational help visit : Google Customer Support

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