Guide to resolve Hotmail not working on iPhone

There are numerous reasons that can cause a problem in your Hotmail account. Here you will see an updated some of the most common reasons why Hotmail not working. Here you will see some of the important steps that will help you to rectify the issue of Hotmail not working on the iPhone. Read each and every point very carefully to get around the problem.

Hotmail remains one of the leading web-based email providers. However, it may encounter issues when trying to set up a Hotmail account on your iPhones, because iOS stage does not automatically recognize Hotmail addresses as it does for other email providers. To solve issues of Hotmail not working on iPhones, delete the account from your phone and begin the process again.

Reason of Hotmail Not working on iPhone

  • You could face a Problem when your internet connection is not working properly.
  • Sometimes the browser which you are using is not supported by Hotmail.
  • It may be possible that you are using an outdated version of the web browser.
  • There might be a reason for some third-party add-on in the browser interfering with Hotmail's workflow
  • In your browser, you have lots of cache and cookies within the browser.
  • Sometimes a problem occurs in your device which is preventing Hotmail from loading properly or functioning properly
  • When you found your Hotmail account is running out of storage space.

Learn the easy steps to rectify the problem of Hotmail Not working on iPhone

In the information age, many of the users found the windows system or the computer is not working properly. You may face the problem of Hotmail not working on the Android or the iOS device seems common issues. Here you will learn the simple steps to solve the Hotmail problems in your android/ iPhone as stated below.

  • Launch the Settings application from your iPhone home screen Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars,
  • If you have previously tried to set up the Hotmail account, select the Erase account.
  • Pick the Add Account option to begin the configuration process again. Select Microsoft Exchange as the record type.
  •  Enter the entire Hotmail address, including the portion, into the Email and Username sections.
  • Type your Hotmail password in the appropriate field, pick a label for the account and leave the Domain field clear.
  • Then tap next when you are prepared to continue.
  • Enter as the mail server address and tap Next again. 
  •  And then wait for the iPhone to successfully authenticate your Hotmail account and afterward move the Mail slider to the on position and this how Hotmail not working on iPhone can be easily resolved.

Alternative Method:

  • Proper Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is required to rectify this issue.
  • If you found your mobile phone to be on the airplane mode that means your device can't connect to the internet and you cannot load your Hotmail account.
  • If you found your android or iOS device is not running out of the storage space. In this situation, users are advised to uninstall the less used applications to overcome the situation.
  • If the user has configured Hotmail settings on the Android/ iOS then get the POP/ IMAP settings to accelerate the issue.
  • If you found that the problem persists for long, delete and remove the Hotmail from the device and add it to the account.
  • Users should make sure that they enter the correct Hotmail login credentials during the creation or setting up of the Hotmail on iOS or Android devices.
  • Even after configure the setting of the Hotmail, you found that the email is not working, then you are recommended to use another device.
  • Now you have completed all the steps to get back to the account information.
  • Repeat the steps if it is not working until you rectify the problem of Hotmail stopped working.

Consider and adhere to the above information to get back to the account information for Hotmail not working on iPhone. So if you require more assistance and willing to learn more in-depth you can read the above-mentioned steps to get the objective of this article. Apart from that, you can compose a mail to the authentic department of the Hotmail customer service. This way you can reach out to the feature of Hotmail and check the way to get around the problem. 

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