Hotmail not working on iPhone

hotmail not working on iphone

Hotmail remains one of the leading web-based email providers. However, it may encounter issues when trying to set up a Hotmail account on your iphone, because iOS stage does not automatically recognize Hotmail addresses as it does for other email providers. To solve issues of Hotmail not working on  iphone, delete the account from your phone and begin the process again.

Follow these steps to solve the problem of hotmail not working on iphone

  • Launch the Settings application from your iphone home screen Tap on Mail, Contacts, calendars,
  • If you have previously tried to set up the Hotmail account, select Erase account.
  • Pick the Add Account option to begin the configuration process again. Select Microsoft Exchange as the record type.
  • Enter the entire Hotmail address, including the portion, into the Email and Username sections.
  • Type your Hotmail password in the appropriate field, pick a label for the account and leave the Domain field clear.
  • Then tap Next when you are prepared to continue.
  • Enter as the mail server address and tap Next again.  
  • And then wait for the iphone to successfully authenticate your Hotmail account and afterward move the Mail slider to the On position.

In the end if you still face issues you can factory reset your phone and setup all your accounts again. Also take a look at your SMTP server settings as hotmail always work on live servers.


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