Netflix password reset not working

If you have forgotten your Netflix account password and cleared all the browser history, cache, and cookies, even the passwords from your browser, you still can regain access to your Netflix. Follow the below information to recover your account.

Recommended Steps for Reset Netflix account: Enjoy the service of entertainment anywhere 

Reset your password by email

  • First and foremost, you have to go to the page.
  • There you will see the option to reset your password by email, choose that option.
  • Next, you need to enter your email address and click the Email Me option.
  • Further, by following the steps mentioned in the email that you received. It will arrive in a few minutes containing a link to redirect you to sign in automatically.
  • Once you are signed in, you will get the option to create a new password.

Note: The link mentioned in the Netflix password reset email gets expired after 24 hours. So, use the link as soon as possible also you can't use the previous password to create a new one. You have to create a fresh password. On the off chance, the password reset link gets expired, repeat the above process again to get another link.

What If I Send Email Myself but Don't Get It?

  • You need to check other folders such as spam, junk, promotions or updates and also make sure that you haven't set up any filters due to which the email is being directed away from the inbox.
  • Also, if you are not able to find the password reset email even by checking the spam folder, add to your contact list. And try to send yourself the reset password email again.
  • After doing the above steps, if you still don't get the email, there must be a delay with your email provider, wait at least 5 hours to receive the email and check your inbox.

When Netflix Account Recovery Email Isn't Working?

  • At first, you have to delete the Netflix reset password emails that you've sent to yourself.
  • After that, you have to go to cookies. In this way, you will be signed out of your Netflix account and take you to the homepage.
  • Next, go to the help webpage.
  • Then you have to choose the option to reset your password via email.
  • Further, provide the email address and click the Email Me option.
  • Thereafter, check your inbox and follow the steps mentioned in the Netflix password reset email.
  • If you're still not able to recover your Netflix account password, you should contact the Netflix customer service to get assistance to do so.

Reset Netflix password by text message (SMS)

  • Before you do anything else, you should visit the help webpage.
  • Then you need to choose the password reset by Text Message (SMS) option.
  • Next, you have to provide the phone number linked to your Netflix account.
  • Also, click Text Me.
  • A verification code will be sent to your phone to reset the password. You have to immediately enter that code to reset your Netflix account password. This code will expire after 20 minutes.

What to Do When Phone Number Isn't Linked to Netflix Account?

When you haven't linked your phone number to your account, Netflix account recovery can be done through email by following the above steps. Once you get access to your account, you need to go to the Account page, by choosing the Add phone number option; you will be able to update your phone number. Also, if you don't have access to your phone number, change the phone number by going to the Account page and choose the Change Phone Number option.

Recover Your Account Login Using Billing Information

When you don't have access to both the email address and phone number, you still have a chance to log in through your billing information. To do so, you may go through the given steps:

  • To begin with, you have to go to
  • Once you reach there, you have to click the option 'I don't remember my email or phone.
  • Next, if you don't get this option, it may be possible that recovering Netflix accounts through billing information is not accessible in your region.
  • Further, you have to fill in the first and last name of your account along with the card number (Credit or Debit Card).
  • Once you enter the details, you have to click Find Account.

Note: When you haven't used a credit or debit card to pay the Netflix bill, you need to contact the Netflix customer service.

Avail multiple ways Netflix password reset and change to recover account

If you, unfortunately, forget the credentials to your Netflix account, no worries, you can go through the password reset procedure. If you wish to go through the procedure to Netflix password change password, you must have an alternative email address or a phone number added to your account, thus the following methods will help.

Reset your password by email

  • With the help of your system's internet browser, visit the official page.
  • On the following page, select the option ‘Email.’
  • Enter the alternative email address that you’ve added to your Netflix account and select the option ‘Email Me.’
  • Now, check your alternative email address for a password reset ink and click on the link to automatically sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Once you get into your account, you can change your Netflix password. However, you cannot set the same password twice, and you’ll have to create a new one.

Link expired

  • Ensure that you complete the procedure within 24 hours because the Password Reset link expires after 24 hours, and you can send another link after the 24 hours time period has ended with the help of the official page.

Didn't receive email

  • Check all the folders of your email address like the spam, junk, promotions, or any additional filter folder you’ve created.
  • If you still cannot find the email, add the email address to the contact list of your Email address and send the password reset link again.
  • If you still cannot find the email, wait for 5 hours as your email address can face a delay issue, and you can try to log in after 5 hours and check for the email again.

Link doesn't work

  • Delete all the Netflix password reset links you received on your email address.
  • After deleting the emails, visit the website  to sign out of your account and visit the official home page of Netflix.
  • Now visit the website
  • Select the option ‘Email’ from the list.

Therefore, Netflix password reset can be performed with the help of the methods listed above for your convenience.

How to Netflix Error Code - Get complete information 

The world of social media took a step back when Netflix started trending. There was a time when people were so much involved in social media networking that they hardly knew about anything called Netflix existed. And today almost everyone is into binge-watching Netflix on weekends. Day by day Netflix is becoming quite famous and more people have started signing up for its subscription.

Netflix is basically an online streaming channel that provides a common platform for web series and movies and you can watch all of them at one single place. As more users of Netflix are increasing, cases of Netflix error codes are getting reported too. All of us face such issues in our Netflix account because of some unknown reasons. These issues mostly occur because of interruptions in the network and can be dealt with few easy troubleshooting steps. Here is a list of all the common error codes of Netflix along with the solutions.  You can find yours and fix with the help of the steps given below.

Error code NW 1-19 Netflix

This type of error occurs when there is a network issue between the device you are using and the Netflix app. Hence to fix the issue, tap below.

Steps to fix the error code 19 on SAMSUNG TV

  • First thing that you can do is to exit the homepage of Netflix and try re-starting the Samsung TV
  • Next, now try detecting the cable if your TV is being attached to the Ethernet
  • Now if you have connected the TV with a wireless network then check if it’s connected to the right network or not
  • Make sure you have entered the correct password of the Wi-Fi
  • On the Samsung TV, uninstall the Netflix app and re-install again
  • Having finished, save the changes and you will be done.

Fixing the error code-19 on smart TV

  • If you connect your smart TV to a Wi-Fi connection which is a public network then cross-check if you have permissions for the connection or not
  • In between the channel streaming, keep a check on internet as well. If it gets disconnected then the app will stop working
  • Switch off the smart TV from the main connection and hold the power button for a minute or more
  • Check the router of your Wi-Fi and place it near the TV. For further checking, contact the technical expert.
  • Other different error codes of Netflix and ways to fix them

Apart from these error codes that happen if you have attached the Netflix with TV. But suppose if you access Netflix on mobile or laptops then there are certain errors too. To fix Netflix error code those errors, tap below.

1. Error code NW 2-5

This error arises because of an internet connection problem and can be fixed easily. So if your device shows this issue then try to check the router of your Wi-Fi or the mobile data connection.

2. Error code UI-800-03

This error code in Netflix arises due to the data issue of the app that happens if you have not cleared the space in the app. And to fix it, clear all the cache files in your phone and you will be done.

3. Error code UI- 113

This error signifies that you need to refresh the page of Netflix. To fix it, you simply have to refresh the page.

4. Error code 100

This error code simply means there is an issue with either the Netflix app or the data stored in the device. To fix this issue, try to refresh the device again and again till the app does not respond.

5. Error code 8007006

If you’re Netflix shows this type of error then because your browser has become outdated. All you need to do is to fix it by updating it. And to avoid any kind of error like this again, keep updating the latest version of your browser.

6. Error code 1101

If you use Netflix on a Mac computer then you will face this kind of error which mostly occurs in the safari browser of the device. And to fix it, clear the cookies and cache of search history in the browser.

7. Error code 0013

Error code 0013 occurs if you use an android device and there is an issue with the Netflix data. And this error can be fixed by switching the app to some other browser.

8. Error code 10008

This kind of error code happens if you use Apple devices and there are network issues. Hence to fix it, you can restart the device and fix the network. And you are done! If in case you come across any other doubt related to Netflix, you can take the help of Netflix customer service.

Get Your Netflix Account Password Recovered at Any Time from Anywhere

Through the above three ways to recover your Netflix account, you can opt for any at your convenience. Also, there are times when you see a problem in Netflix account recovery, contact the Netflix customer service. The team is available to help you around the clock. No matter where you are if you have a problem the team will provide you all the required information and help you thoroughly.


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