Guidelines to fix Garmin GPS not working

When all your efforts go in vain in order to fix the issues with your Garmin GPS device, you should go through the post. Here you will find all the required information to fix it. Before you start to fix the Garmin GPS Devices issues, you should understand why this problem is appearing with your Garmin device. You must know the reason behind seeing this problem. Since Garmin GPS device is a machine and it must be prone to see some technical glitches due to which you may struggle with the resolutions. It could be anything behind seeing Garmin GPS not working. Whether hardware or software, the problem must be resolved as soon as possible to access it flawlessly.

Besides, there are several other issues that you may see like Garmin stops working or not finding locations, for every problem, there is a specific reason. But this post will offer you the advanced solution for your problem by helping you out in turning on the Garmin GPS device.

Recommended steps to resolve Garmin GPS Not Working Issue

Being a technical device Garmin GPS sometimes will show errors when we use it. Well, some of the issues need to fixed by the experts while some you can fix on your own. If you have been troubled due to a malfunction in your Garmin GPS and want to fix it as soon as possible, you can go through the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to make sure that your device is completely charged. If it isn't charged in recent times, you should perform a hard reset so that it can erase all the details in your device.
  • Next, in order to initiate the Hard Rest, you need to disconnect the device from the power vent.
  • Further, you have to press the Power button that can be seen at the right bottom corner of the device. Once you press the power button, it should be held for a while and keep the finger on the device screen.
  • After that, you will see the Yes option, press it, and follow the onscreen instructions (On your device screen). It will reboot the device.
  • In this way, the Master Reset will clear all the software-oriented glitches in your device.
  • After doing so, you are required to check your GPS antenna is plugged in with your device correctly.
  • As soon as the process gets completed, you must check the device if it's working properly.

This is how you will be able to fix Garmin GPS stop working issue and you will be able to use it without any hassle. Just in case, if the aforementioned steps don't help you and you still face some issues with your GPS device, you should try to delete the Garmin GPS device update and install it again.

Alternative Steps for Garmin GPS stop working

And to make this process easy and simple for you here is a list of steps that you should follow to delete and reinstall the Garmin GPS update on your device:

  • To do so, you are required to reset the device as mentioned above and then, you are required to link it to your PC through a USB cable.
  • Then you should download the Garmin Express app on your device i.e. laptop or computer.
  • After that, you will be required to register the device on your Garmin GPS and then let it find the latest upgrade for your Garmin device.
  • On the off chance, you don't find any map update dashboard, you should redirect to the Home icon.
  • There at the left top corner of the Express Software screen, you are required to click the Install button.
  • After that, you need to wait for your device to get updated.

Once the device is upgraded, you will no longer see Garmin GPS stop working problem with your Garmin GPS device. Just in case, the issues still persist and you are not able to use your GPS device, what will you do?

The aforementioned information will help you thoroughly in rectifying every single problem with your Garmin GPS. But there are also times when you may see some problems with your device that can't be fixed by the above details. In such a case, you shouldn't delay it more to rectify the issue and instantly contact the technical experts. The tech expert is the last option to get rid of this problem. Besides, the team is accessible to fix Garmin GPS not working issue over a phone call. And you can dial the phone number anytime from anywhere.


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