Microsoft outlook not responding

Microsoft is the most proficient and efficient service provider that proves to be a top leading company across the globe. The foremost importance of Microsoft is the outlook email and the issue Microsoft outlook not responding can be solved by the customer care.

Microsoft is the most proficient and efficient service provider that proves to be a top leading company across the globe. The foremost importance of Microsoft is the outlook email and the issue Microsoft outlook not responding can be solved by the customer care.

Recommended solution to Microsoft Outlook not Responding

The Microsoft outlook is the prime importance that gives the Outlook email services at the high end and the fast speed can be made to send the emails to the recipient. The loading of the messages in the email is quite fast and in a couple of seconds, it gets loaded. The Microsoft outlook not responding behaviour is the high hurdle that is faced by the user. The issue makes havoc to the user and the emails cannot be sent and received in a proper manner. The sign-in option cannot be made by the user and the screen of the Outlook gets frozen up and a solution can be given.

Install Windows updates 

  • If the Microsoft account is not working at all then maybe you need some update in that. For the updates, you can open the device first.
  • Now go to the start button on the home screen and from here click on the menu and select the gear option. From the gear option now move to the settings tab.
  • You can enter the security and update option from here. Moving on, look for any update notification or pop up.
  • If you find any notification then the device will immediately update it and if not then your device is all fine to use.
  • You can re-boot your device and log in to the Microsoft account back if you have updated any kind of software.

Control external content

  • Certain times, Outlook can become heavy and face problems while using because of too much content. To fix it, first of all, open your Outlook account and go to the file section.
  • From here, move to the options tab, and from here go to the trust center.
  • Now select automatic download and hence follow the settings.
  • First of all, don’t make a mistake to download any kind of content or picture in the HTML email option. Always be informed before any kind of content downloading.
  • Now re-start the device and see if the issue has gone or not. And in the future always avoid including external content on your device.

Remove all types of add-ins

  • To fix the issue of Microsoft, first of all use the Windows logo key and R shortcut to open the run tab.
  • Type Outlook.exe in the run bar and press the enter option.
  • Check if the issue is gone or not. In case the problem still persist then you can’t blame the add on as its not the sole problem.
  • You can run the outlook program and from here now open the file menu.
  • Tap on add on the tab and pick the option of COM add-ins. Now from here tap on the option of GO.
  • Clear all the checkboxes and select the OK tab.
  • Untick all the checkboxes and re-start the outlook app and you will be done.

Check the windows firewall

  • Another problem behind the issue of Outlook could be the Firewall. To fix it, you can open the start menu screen and tap on the control panel.
  • Now enter the security and system window and from here select the option of windows firewall
  • Now tap on turn off the firewall, save the changes, and re-start the app and you are done!

Fix outlook data files

  • Your Outlook data might have got corrupted hence to fix the issue, close the outlook app first
  • Click and browse the file you want to repair from the program file location.
  • Now tap on the start option and scan it for any kind of repairs.
  • Moving on, tap on the repair option and fix it if possible.
  • Having finished all the steps, close the outlook button.

Turn off the app data redirection and Create a new Outlook profile

  • To turn off the app, first of all, exit the outlook app.
  • Now moving on, press the Windows logo key and open the run key.
  • Moving next, now press Regedit and press enter. Now search for the required subkey and locate the value app data.
  • If your account is still not fixed then better make a new account.
  • Open the outlook account and sign in through the link and all the required details such as name, username etc and add the account.
  • And thus with this you can easily fix up the problem of Microsoft Outlook not responding. In case of any doubt, contact the customer care team.

Thus the Microsoft outlook not responding issue takes place is the major part and the solution can be obtained by the customer care support and the issue can get rectified by the Customer care representatives.

Microsoft Outlook hangs during the processing phase

After incorrect termination of the program, at the subsequent start, it may hang during the processing phase. To fix this error, just run the program in safe mode. This is done like this: Completely stop working with Microsoft Outlook. You can restart the computer or make sure that the program is closed in the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

Task Manager

  • Open Task Manager and stop running Outlook
  • Press the Win + R keys to open the "Run" window and enter the "Outlook / safe" command. After confirming the input, Microsoft Outlook will be opened in safe mode.

Run Safe Mode

  • Enter the command to start the program in safe mode and click OK.
  • Then close the program in the usual way.
  • The next time you open the program, it should not hang at the "Processing" stage.
  • Microsoft Outlook does not respond and will be closed
  • If the problem is characterized by a standard error message, there may be more than one solution.

After start-up, the program will prompt you to select the file to restore. You can click the "Browse" button to see them all. If you do not know which of the files may be corrupted, perform the procedure for checking each file one by one. The problem of outlook not responding can be solved in this way.


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