Gmail not receiving emails

Gmail is a very popular email service used by a billion users all over the world. One can easily access Gmail on various sorts of devices and also configure with other email service providers to access. It's very easy to send and receive emails in Gmail but lots of users face technical issues and Gmail not receiving emails is one among those. There could be various reasons behind this problem. In this article, you will learn about the procedure to fix it.

Recommended solution to fix Gmail not receiving emails issue 

First of all, open your Gmail account on your computer and then click on the gear icon to choose Settings.

  • Now click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP section.
  • Click on POP Download and then choose the Enable POP for all mail.
  • Now When messages are accessed with a POP window will appear, then choose Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox.
  • After that, click on the Save Changes tab to finish the procedure.

Done!! Now you will receive all emails on your Gmail account without much stretch. If you are unable to receive emails on Gmail, then you need to check the above-given settings once more time to get emails. For any further information, you can also contact a support team of Gmail.

It’s very easy to receive mail from Gmail from various kinds of email service providers. But sometimes users not receive emails from their alternate email service providers from Gmail. You can fix this problem through below steps:

Method 1: Without proper server settings, you can not receive any Gmail mail in your other email account. So, check the server settings and update them incorrect one.

  • Incoming Mail Server -
  • Sever Port- 993
  • Outgoing Mail Server-
  • Server Port- 587
  • Use SSL- yes

Method 2: Some other troubleshooting steps can also apply if you want to receive emails from Gmail and these steps can easily fix all problems.

  • Update your Gmail app, if you are using it on your Smartphone to access your emails.
  • Ensure that you are not marked any sender as spam and then also check the Spam folder in your Gmail account.
  • Delete your Gmail account and re-add it again.
  • Clear the caches and cookies of your browser.

Method 3: Check your Gmail account storage

  • Gmail provides default storage of around 15 GB to every user, and once you hit the storage, you will not receive your email.
  • You can check out the storage of your Gmail by visiting google drive, where you can check the storage on the right side of the screen.
  • If your storage is full, you can delete some unwanted files to create storage.
  • Make sure you delete the folder permanently from the trash because the files still occupy storage, and google doesn't delete it for 30 days.

Method 4: Double-check your Gmail Filters Settings

  • Filtering emails is very important, and while you filter your email, you might also filter the expected email. If it happens, you can change the setting on PC using the steps below.
  • Open your Gmail account using any of the web browsers and go to the Settings from there
  • Locate the option see all settings
  • Now open the Filters and Blocked address section
  • Check the email address you have blocked or created a filter
  • Unblock the email address, and you can now receive the email from that account.

Method 5: Disable Gmail Email Forwarding

  • Sometimes you turn on the email forwarding option, which is forwarded to another account.
  • If it happens, you can go to the Gmail website and log in to your account.
  • You can go to Settings> See all settings>Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • There you can disable the forwarding option and save the changes
  • Refresh your email, and here you can now receive all the emails

Method 6: Check the Gmail Storage quota

  • Open Google drive and click on Upgrade storage
  • The maximum default storage you get is 15 GB for google drive, Gmail, and google photos combined.
  • If you reach the 15GB, you will be required to free some space
  • You can open a Gmail account, select the spam email and click delete
  • Click the tab more and then click Bin to open
  • Hit the button Empty Bin now to delete emails, doing you might start receiving your email again

Method 7: Delete Email Filters

You can also delete email filters in case your Gmail not receiving emails. Here you can check out the step below if you don't know how to delete email filters.

  • Open your Gmail account on the Gmail website.
  • Go to the settings options and then Click See more settings
  • You can visit the section filter and Blocked address and click on All the filter
  • Now press the button Delete to erase the filters applied

Now users can successfully receive emails from Gmail in multiple email accounts. For any further information contact with Gmail support team to get an effective assistance.

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