how to undo in Gmail

A user is worried because he/she has sent a wrong email to his/her father or an accidental reply-all to a group of bosses. Now he/she wants to ask is there an undo in Gmail. But the user is requested to keep all your worries at a bay. Gmail Lab's Undo Send feature enables him/her to settle the disappointment within 10 seconds. Yes, the Gmail's Undo Send feature is a 10-second window which enables the users to undo a sent email. Nevertheless, it is needed to be enabled.

How do I undo a sent email in Gmail ?

  1. Opening the Gmail is the first thing to do by the user
  2. Now the user is urged to go the top right corner and select Settings
  3. Clicking on Labs from the row of tabs is the next thing
  4. He/she now needs to scroll downwards and go to the bottom section
  5. Select Undo Send and click Enable
  6. Now he/she is requested to Save the Changes
  7. He/she will get a yellow dialogue that displays [Your message has been sent] will appear as [Your message has been sent. Undo. View Message]
  8. Clicking on Undo will help him/her to return back the send email

The user is suggested to enable undo in Gmail if he/she is really concerned. I can’t be returned back until and unless the option is enabled. After the option is enabled, the user is required to follow mentioned steps, in their actual order. This ishow to undo in Gmail without asking for any technical assistance. However, the technical assistance can also be availed from Google help center engineers who are hired by world-class recruitment officials. The team of support engineers is sufficiently trained, polite in behavior, and committed to bestowing the best-in-class support services. Hence, they have been satisfying users over the decades.


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