Get solution for OK Google feature not working

Google as we all know has various features that makes it different from one another. One such important and amazing feature of Google is the “OK Google” features that enables to make the Google voice search get activated. This is basically a voice command that can only be used on android mobile devices and also on Google phones.

Get solution for OK Google feature not working issues on android devices

The other hand, there are times when this OK Google features doesn’t work and creates severe issues for the user. ok google detection not working issues mainly occurs because of various reasons including hardware issues, microphone issues, internet connectivity issues and many more. Therefore, if the user is facing this issue and is searching for the correct solution then for this they can simply follow the steps mentioned in this article.

First of all the user should check the language settings of their mobile device. For this go to the settings option of the mobile and from there click on the voice option. The user should then select on language option and should choose the most preferred language. Besides, the user should also check the microphones of their device and should remember that if it is not working then ok google feature will also create issues in working. Also the user should clean their microphones as any dust or dirty debris can also create problem.

The user should also make a check on the applications that are running on their mobile devices as any interference from the applications can also lead to this issue. The user should also check for ok google voice model and should enable it. For doing this, the user need to go to the settings of their mobiles and from there select on voice. There the user will get the option of ok google detection that they are required to enable. On the other hand the user should also make a check on the google search application as this issue also occurs because of google search app not working.

If still the user is facing certain trouble and problems in accessing these steps, then they can straightaway contact the experts of Google and can get the help from them. The representatives can be contacted via their phone numbers and also via their email address. The concerned executives are technically trained and are experts in providing the most appropriate answers and solutions to each related issues.


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