what has made the google search engine so successful

Internet has completely transformed our lives. The role of search engine in enhancing the power of internet cannot be ignored. Each day there are plenty of search engine is in the world. But no one can come close to the versatility, authentication and accuracy than “Google Chrome‘’.

How Google search engine is so successful

Google is one of the most leading web search engine in the world. The sheer reason behind its rise is due to the fact of its speed, accuracy as well as versatility.  People across the continents use it as a most prefer web browser.  Ten of billions of queries are done each day from user across the world. That’s the reason why Google dominates at least 85% of the total search market far ahead of their competitors.  People always wonder about the Google growth at present which is growing at the pace of 21% on year on year basis in terms of revenue.

Google growth has phenomenal over the course of time, starting from a modest beginning it has become one of the largest tech giant with operation not only limited to one industry or search engines. But it also provides various services apart from the search engines. Some of the services provided by Google is:

Google alerts best results

Google provides some other services with their parent corporation Alphabet which help user to make their digital life more comfortable. No reason to wonder about Google, what makes a successful search engine.  Because Google has the most advance and smarter algorithm system than their competitors. It is keep updating and modifying their algorithm database with new set of changes in order to give better relevant result to their customer.

But user do face issue like link errors, error in connection, lost password then in that condition One can call at the Google support center. User can take their support number either through mail or through phone. They have an well qualified support team to resolve any issue on immediate time and have deeper knowledge to understand the complexity of the problem and resolve it on immediate basis.


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