why do i need a google account for play store

Google has introduced numerous web based services and they are completely free. Google introduced services such as Gmail, Google talk, Google groups, google calendar, Picasa, YouTube, Google play store, Google Docs, Google sites and many more. If you are looking for an answer why do i need a google account for play store then you can see the below mentioned explanation. To use all the mentioned services you need  to sign in with your Google account. To access all the mentioned service you need only one account and you don’t have to create individual account for each service.

why do i need a google account

Here we are explaining several reasons to create a google account. On the basis of mentioned explanations you can decide by your own that How necessary is google account for you.

  • If you are -planning to purchase an android phone then you need a gmail account to access its full functionality. Because android operating system is made by google and when you login with your google account it automatically download all your mails, appointments and your saved pages in google.

  • To use your Phone you need several application which can be downloaded from Google play store. To access google Play store you also require a Google account.

  • Gmail is a free email account which provide unlimited storage capacity. Every user use gmail account for their personal and professional use. You can access gmail by using google account.

  • Google calendar is a very easy organizing tool through which you can share your schedule with your family, friends or office contacts.

  • On the Youtube you can upload your video and you can rate other videos if you have your account.

There are many other service for which you have to sign in with your google account. Without google account you can access Google maps and Google search only. If you need more information about this topic then contact to Google Customer Support team. Through this team you will get instant information for all your queries. You can find the contacts details on the official website of google help.


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