Google voice search not working

Google voice search helps the users to get the details of a data by speaking on a mobile phone or a computer. Using the voice search option , the users may get all the details of any place, the users may get all the details by calling on the mobile phone. It is one of the most commonly used services. It is one of the most trusted services provided by Google. Google services have certain key features embedded in them.

Effective Assistance for Google Voice Search Not Working

What makes Google voice search so popular

There are many key features embedded in Google Voice Search that makes it so popular and trustworthy. The users from all over the world use the services of Google Voice Search. These services are versatile and used by people all over the world. The key features embedded in Google Voice Search are:

  • Quick time saving feature of searching data.
  • The voice action feature to search for any data.
  • Varied data available within seconds.

These were some of the key features installed in Google Voice Search that makes it so popular.

How to fix the issue of Google Voice Search not working

The users of Google may follow the below given steps for Google Voice Search not working. For this the users need to folow the below stated steps:

  • First of all the user needs to make sure whether “ok google” detection is working or not.
  • Then the user needs to turn it on in case if it is not working. For this the user needs to open the Google app and then the main menu.
  • From there the user needs to go to the settings voice. Then the user needs to click on the “ok google” detection.

By following these steps, the users will observe that Google Voice Search has started working.

How can the technical team assist?

The users may contact the technical team for any help and assistance in case the user face any issues and problems. The experts have rich experience in their respective domains and will give the best steps for Google voice search not working. The help can be seek at ant time

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