Why my Yahoo mail not working-How do I fix instantly

Yahoo email account is widely prominent among the users due to its user-friendly features and top-class services. This free webmail account is used by a number of users across the world using its proper user name and password that provides basic help in sharing and receiving emails suitable at any time. But occasionally the users get so much frustrated when their Yahoo mail not working in a good way. It is essential to troubleshoot the issue and for that, you need to know the cause of the issue to get a solution soon. If you are looking for the solution to this issue, you need to follow the procedure step by step to get your Yahoo email account working perfectly immediately.

Recommended Steps to fix Yahoo mail not working fine

1: Incorrect user name & password:

When you notice that your Yahoo mail not working in a good manner then you can consider your user name and password is accurate or not. At this, you need to follow these important points such as:

  • Check your email address and appropriate and using small latter into the box.
  • Make sure that your password is appropriate and entering by checking the caps lock.
  •  You need to also check if you are missing number lock while entering any number.  

It is right that there some of the people who unable to access their Yahoo account due to incorrect user name and password as a result your Yahoo mail stop working, so fix it as soon as possible by using simple methods.

2: Forgotten Username & Password:

When Yahoo mail not working and unable to access due to forget username and password, you need to fix it, you might recover your Yahoo email account soon. Let’s get started.

  • At first, visit the Yahoo email account sign-in page and enter the correct email address and password to access.
  • If you are unable to access click on forgot password button and enter the mobile phone number and press the next button.
  • Check your phone to enter the verification code that has been sent to it and then a password recovery link will be showing on the next page.
  • Enter the new password into both new and confirm password field at the end. 

3: Browser Issue:

When you notice your Yahoo mail not working, you need to check junk mail, browser infected with virus, or malware attacks you can check out the internet browser to delete the traffic with cookies and cache files that fixes trouble soon.

4: Yahoo Server Status:

It is said that the server plays an important role while running any site and the same thing brings into operation to run your Yahoo mail. You need to check the Yahoo server status for your mail account that should be on the top while running the Yahoo mail account on its official website. 

Guidelines to Yahoo mail password reset instantly

Yahoo mail users are allowed to reset passwords, which they might have lost with the help of a pretty simple procedure. Yahoo offers various options to the email service users for resetting their login password that includes a registered number, recovery email, and security question. Therefore, Yahoo mail users get the main three options for resetting their password as explained below.

Reset Yahoo password via Phone number

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Yahoo and enter your email ID
  • Further, you need to tap on “I forgot my password” link
  • Next tap on “Yes send me a verification code” as soon as you see last two digits of your number
  • Then Yahoo will send a code in your number that you need to submit on recovery page
  • After confirming the code you will get transferred to password reset window
  • Now create a new password for your Yahoo account and save it.

Reset Yahoo password with the email

  • Go to the Yahoo website and enter your email ID
  • Further, choose forgot password tab and then select the email option for recovery
  • Then type your recovery email and Yahoo will send a verification code on it
  • Next, you have to copy the code from your email and paste on Yahoo recovery page
  • After submitting the code you will be moved to password reset window
  • Now type a unique password to reset as your new Yahoo mail password.

Reset Yahoo password by security questions

  • Navigate to the Yahoo website and select I have problem with my password option
  • Further, you need to enter your ID and correctly for proceeding to recovery window
  • On the next page, choose to answer my security question link
  • Then submit the right answers for security questions to verify your account
  • After that, the password reset option will arrive on the next window
  • Now type a unique alphanumeric combination for resetting your Yahoo mail password.

The Yahoo mail password reset task can be a little difficult or impossible for some users a few times in that scenario, they are supposed to contact the customer care center of Yahoo where they can get 24/7 assistance regarding the same problem.


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