Gmail not working on iPhone

gmail not working on iphone

What To Do When Gmail Doesn’t Works On iPhone : Gmail is compatible with each of the device whether it is a laptop or the phone. It is good to work with and is known for the excellent email results. Users can Sign in to it from their respective device anytime, from any location.It is smart but cannot be escaped from certain technical issues.

Why is my Gmail account not working on my iPhone?

Number of issues has been resolved by team of experts. If a user is not able to access Gmail by using iPhone, they can go by the below given guidelines:

Visit Gmail Website and look for Alerts

  • There is need to visit Gmail website.It is required for the users to access their Gmail account by using computer if possible.It is even applicable for iPhone
  • User should open the Safari or another browsing software, go to Gmail and enter their email address
  • When user have the iPhone, they can see the popup which will prompt user to download. Click “mobile Gmail site” link at the bottom of the screen.
  • After the user will login, there is need to look for an alert box or email in your inbox which will say that “Someone has your password” or “We blocked a sign-in attempt.”
  • If user gets notification like that,tap on the  link inside “Review Your Devices Now”.User needs to take quick action
  • It can be useful for resolving Gmail not working problem.

It is required to review the recent devices On Google’s Website

  • When user didn’t get an email about a blocked sign-in attempt, it will be better to visit the section like “Device activity & notifications” under “Google’s My Account” website.
  • Users can see all of the recent devices which is used to sign into the account.
  • After user will confirm their identification,email will begin to load on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, it is required to see if Gmail not working on iPhone problem has been resolved.

There is need to do CAPTCHA reset

Gmail can have other fix like resetting CAPTCHA, it can easily unlock some of Google’s security features.User can access their Gmail account without getting trouble

Ensure that IMAP has been disabled

Gmail account doesn’t works because maybe the Gmail’s settings has been disabled. If IMAP is turned off on, you won’t be able to get your email from the server.If this will help you,then ,how come Gmail is not working issue will get fix.

There is need to remove Gmail Account From iPhone And Set Up Again

When user will not be able to login to their without getting any issue,there is need to verify that the device isn’t being blocked in device activity and notifications.CAPTCHA reset has been done by the user and IMAP has been enabled.User should try for the modern version of the “unplug it and plug it back in” solution

An individual’s email will be stored on the Gmail servers. It means that when user remove the Gmail account from their iPhone, it simply means that nothing has been deleted from the server itself, and if user set up their account again, all the emails, contacts and the notes will be restored again. If this technique and any of the other doesn’t works for the user,there is simply needs to contact customer care.

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