How to unblock Hotmail account without code?

Who doesn’t heard about Hotmail. Hotmail is the leading email services in the world. Currently more than 400 million use its services to send the mails from one part to another.  Apart from desktop version It is also available on all the platforms of mobile version like android, java and IOS to enable user to use its service. It also provides chatting and various online services like Document sharing, chatting as well as allow space to send large attachment files from one place to another.  Million of users are adding to this email service on regular basis. But user do face problem while using this service, One of the most common issue who face by user is blocking of Hotmail. New user could not able to figure out How to unblock hotmail account without code.

Take the help of Hotmail technical support or follow these simple procedure

  • There is two ways to unblock Hotmail account without code. One need to choose two methods, one is mobile verification or email verification.
  • First of all go to Hotmail account and further help center. Choose my account has been blocked and then click on Continue.
  • After that one need to provide either mobile number or alternate email address.
  • In case, if customer have provided mobile number then an OTP will be send to customer mobile number.
  • Put down an OTP number in the given space provided to verify an account as well as Unblock Hotmail Account.
  • After wards Hotmail will ask to reset old password. One need to put down their old Password then New Password and retype it again.
  • Click on the save button and further one need to write down the alternate email address and phone number and click on continue.
  • Now user can signin with the new password.

In case if the problem still persist then one can call at Hotmail supporttheir customer support representatives will make sure that whatever be the issue they will resolve it on immediate basis without much hassle. They have an well renowed tech expert to fix the issue on immediate basis


  • image M

    I have been locked out of my account of many years and despite following the prompts and suggestions cannot reaches my account. What is going with this company?

  • image aurorafrasco

    hotmail hack my facebook

  • image

    Please use the following security code for the Microsoft account el*****

  • image how to change hotmail password

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  • image Marilyn

    Locked out. I do not know my old password. HELP

  • image Anthea Davies

    You have blocked my account yet again and despite trying to get a code to unblock it I am unable to restore my hotmail account I am a senior citizen and need access to my account not just for pleasure but to send for repeat prescription

  • image Zain hussein

    Hi i cant sign in my hotmail account pls help it says blocked and it looks liks someone might be using .i know my password but didnt get code

  • image Marilyn

    You have me locked out of this acct. I need to get back in but you have made it so difficult I can not. Senior citizen. Do not know about computers. Just need to have my e-mail for doctors an bills. Please make it alot easier to get back in. HELP PLEASE

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