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Hotmail is one of the most widely used email account with best email account features. Hotmail user can access the email instantly within various devices and email filters enable the easy search of emails. Microsoft Hotmail user can enhance the security of the email account through email settings and protection of spam email are also high. With all its latest feature also Hotmail email user faces trouble in email access and find their resolution at Hotmail customer service.

How to get connected to the Hotmail technical support team for the email troubles

There are various Hotmail email account problems faced for which user contacts the Hotmail support team. One can get the Hotmail best troubleshooting steps on Fortuneserve where Hotmail technical support team comes up with the most effective email troubleshooting steps. This article will provide some of the common troubleshooting steps for the solution of Microsoft Hotmail account troubles. User can also contact Hotmail customer support for the best email troubleshooting steps.

One of the common trouble faced by the Hotmail users is the problem in accessing the email attachment. It can be the problem in downloading or uploading of the attachments. Try out the troubleshooting steps to rid of the trouble –

  • Make sure that the antivirus program in the system is updated and also latest definitions are installed in the system.
  • Also make sure that the firewall program is updated if the user has purchased one.
  • Click on Virus and Spyware Controls if the user is having Trend Micro. Move to ‘Settings’ and uncheck the option ‘Threats in webmail attachment’.
  • Disable the email scanning option in the antivirus program and use alternate browser to access the emails.

These are just to mention few of the common troubleshooting steps for the solution of Hotmail account troubles. Dial the Hotmail support phone number and have discussion over the problem faced. Remote assistance will be provided for the email troubles with quick fix solutions.

Find easy solution at Hotmail customer support number

There are various email concerns faced by the Hotmail user. Email trouble start from account setup, account syncing to email access. Also Hotmail user also might face trouble in accessing certain emails or certain email management feature. Hotmail technical support provides the alternative steps for the solution to Hotmail email troubles. Once the problem with the Hotmail account is diagnosed then providing solution to the email problems becomes easier.


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    My Hotmail account not getting updates, please help me what to do for getting more email update.

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