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Hotmail is an Email service rendered under the umbrella of Microsoft-the software giant. Hotmail has been very popular among Mail users since its inception and millions of people around the world have their account on hotmail. Hotmail provides astonishing services to its users and but, sometimes, it may happen that due to some issues like hacking into an account or user might himself or herself has forgot the password, there could be need to do hotmail account recovery.

Hotmail account password recovery using simple steps

Following the below mentioned steps would unlock the hotmail account and help to reset Hotmail password

  1. Go to official website of hotmail to recover the account by typing in “hotmail account recovery”.

  2. Click on one of the following reasons to mention the reason that is checking you from signing in:

  • I forgot my password.
  • I know my password but can’t sign-in.
  • I think someone else is using my Microsoft account.

     3. Click on Next.

     4. The Next page will give you the options to recover your account .

     5. Enter your EMail ID which you need to recover, then, enter the captcha under it.

     6. Click Next.

     7. On Next page, you will be prompted to choose an option to reset your account, either text or EMail

  • If the phone number had not been set during account creation, then, the recovery option would not prompt this option.
  • However, if either of the option i.e phone number or EMail address had not been set, then, click on “I don’t have any of these”, and click Next.
  • By clicking on Next, a page will be prompted asking alternate EMail address on which a link could be received to reset the account.
  • Open the alternate EMail address and click on the link from Hotmail, and follow the instructions to reset the password.
  • Once reset, the account will recover and show the contents of the account.

8.If phone number had been set, then, enter the phone number, a verification code will be send on the phone number which is needed to be provided in the space.

9.However, if recovery EMail had been set, then, clicking on this option will send a link to the recovery EMail ID, which, when clicked sends a link to the alternate EMail ID.

10.Opening the alternate EMail ID and clicking on the link and resetting the password recovers the account.

However, if hotmail account recovery failed, then there might be the possibility that one is entering the wrong recovery option, like

  • The phone number or alternate EMail address being provided is different than the one that had been set.
  • There could be network issue, i.e., the temporary network outage, retry after sometimes.

If needed to get hotmail account recovery live chat, one can contact Hotmail support team regarding this and get the help instantly.

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