How to fix Facebook page not loading issue-know complete information here

Is your Facebook page not loading and you are trying to figure out how to fix it? If this is the case, the section below will provide you with solutions to fix when Facebook is unable to load. The best solutions for solving the Facebook not loading issue are listed below.

Learn to fix why a Facebook page is not loading

  • You may simply update your Facebook app to fix the problem if your page isn't loading
  • If you are using Facebook in a mobile device, it may not load if you don't have access to a stable internet connection
  • Make sure that your device is linked to a stable Wi-Fi, or data network then try again to load your Facebook page
  • If you're on a mobile device, shut and reopen the Facebook app to resolve the page not loading issue
  • Refresh the Facebook page and try again if you're on a computer
  • Or close and reopen your browser as an alternative to fix the problem

Guidelines to fix Facebook not loading issue –Avail option to make it workable

Check whether the Facebook app's data usage is restricted

  • If your Facebook isn't loading, it might be due to the app's data use limitations which you have to fix
  • To begin, you have to go to Settings on your smartphone and select Apps & Notifications
  • After navigating to the Apps and Notifications from your device's settings, choose see all applications or Manage apps tab
  • Next, you need to scroll down all the apps from the list, then go down to Facebook app and open it
  • Afterwards, you have to go to your Mobile data or Wi-Fi then tap to open it
  • Then you require to check that the background data in your device is also turned on
  • Finally, you can turn on the unrestricted data usage to allow Facebook to access the internet from the background when data saver is enabled on it

Reset Facebook’s app preferences

  • If your Facebook alerts aren't working on your smartphone, you should try resetting the app's preferences to fix the error
  • To continue, first of all, you have to unlock your smartphone, then scroll to the bottom of your device’s screen
  • After that, you have to navigate to the Reset option from the menu in the bottom and open it
  • Then touch on the Reset app preferences option from there to select it
  • Finally, to fix the Facebook page not loading problem, choose to reset app preferences

Clear your browser’s cookies and caches

  • Your browser's cookies and caches can also prevent the Facebook page from loading, which you can fix by deleting the data
  • To begin, open your Google Chrome browser, then go to Settings and select the Privacy and Security tab
  • From there, check the box next to Cookies as well as other website data
  • After that, select the time frame for which you want the data to be erased and hit the clear data button
  • To clear caches once again, go to Privacy and Security
  • Then to Delete browser data, and choose the time range for which you wish to delete data
  • Finally, select the clear data option to delete your browser's caches

JavaScript should be enabled in your browser

  • A disabled Javascript in your browser might also cause issues with the Facebook page loading properly, which must be fixed
  • To begin, you need to open your browser, and select the three-point menu to access the settings
  • Then select Privacy & Security from the drop-down menu, and navigate to the Site Settings from there
  • Finally, you must select JavaScript and then move the slider to the on position to enable it to fix the Facebook page not loading error

Know how to get back up for Facebook on your computer

  • If Facebook is still not responding in your device and you have sensitive Facebook data saved on it, you should back it up to a computer as soon as possible
  • It is important that you back up Facebook data in your device in order to have a copy of all your messages and images on it
  • AnyTrans, an app that allows users to copy their messages and images from their mobile to a computer, makes backing up
  • On begin, you must first download the app to your computer
  • Then connect your device to the computer and launch the app
  • On the main page of app choose Device Manager then tap the photos button to organize your material by category
  • Choose the images you wish to back up on the next screen and press yes by choosing your PC in order to copy them
  • Finally, you can now view all of your Facebook data backups from your computer at any time

In case you are unable to resolve the Facebook not responding problem using the solutions listed above, contact their customer care to get in touch with a technical specialist who can assist you with any issue.

How to fix Facebook notification not working

Being active on social media is fun only when you are getting updated constantly with what is happening around? How many likes and comments your new post is getting and many more. Facebook notification here plays a very important role but what if it stops? Sounds like a trouble right! This article will help you to get rid of this trouble.

With the below elaborated 5 ways that you can check and verify on your phone and fix your Facebook notification not working.

Turn on phone notification

There might be chances that the notification are turned off from your phone itself because of which you might be unable to receive the notifications from your Facebook account but it can be turned on by going to settings of your phone where you can alter the settings and turn on notifications for your Facebook app.

  • To turn on notifications for your Facebook app on your phone-
  • Go to settings on phone
  • Select – Apps and Notifications
  • Under Apps and Notifications, select – Facebook
  • Find App Notification under Facebook
  • Turn On app notification
  •  Under notification category select – Show notification
  • The notification on your phone will be visible on your notification bar

Facebook app notification – verify

In the Facebook app if the notification is turned off then that can also effect the Facebook push notification that you receive on your phone. You can verify whether the notification is turned on or off and change it in the Facebook app itself and solve the problem regarding to notification of your Facebook app.

  • Open Facebook App
  • On top right corner, tap - three-bar icon
  • Select settings
  • Under settings, find notification settings
  • Select – Notification setting
  • Scroll - tap Receive notification
  • Select – Push under it
  • Turn on – Push Notification

3.    Log out Facebook

If your Facebook notification is not showing up in your notification bar of your phone then there might be some problem that might be related to your Facebook account. You can solve this problem by Logging out your Facebook account of all the devices that you have logged in to before and thus it can help you to solve the problem that you are facing with notification on your Facebook account.

  • To log out of all devices -
  • Open Facebook on computer
  •  Tap - arrow at upper right corner
  • Select – Settings
  • Under settings, select Security and Login
  • Scroll and log out of all sessions
  • Now you are logged out of all devices

4.    Update Facebook app

While there can be many reasons for the notifications to not show up from your Facebook account, sometimes there might be a bug in the App that can lead to some problem in the App, this can lead to some issues with the notification and some other functions of the app as well. You can fix it by updating it to the latest update from the playstore, this will fix all the bugs and after updating the app, it will function properly.

  • To update your Facebook app-
  • Open playstore in your phone
  • Search Facebook App in Playstore
  • Find update below Facebook
  • Select update
  • Your Facebook app will update and this will fix any bugs, if there.

5.    Reset app preferences

When you reset the App preferences in your phone, it sets all the settings to Default. Thus in case there is any change in the settings of notification it will set it to default and then it will start to function normal.

  • To reset app preferences in your phone –
  • Go to settings on your phone
  • Under settings, select system
  • In system, select General Management
  • Find reset in it
  • Select – reset

6.    Restart phone

When your phone functions too much at a time it can sometimes lag or hang, this can lead to improper functioning of all the apps in the phone. Resulting to effect some of the functions of apps in a way that it might stop working and work really very slow. By restarting your phone you can prevent this to happen and the apps will start to perform its functions properly without any lag or interruption.

  • To restart your phone –
  • Long press power button
  • Select restart option
  • Phone will restart

Apart from all the above mentioned methods to solve problems regarding Facebook notification not working, you must also have to ensure connectivity of a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection that ensures a good internet network in your phone or your system where you are using your Facebook account. Thus, if you are facing any notification related problem in your Facebook app, it can be fixed easily. You can take help and solve it by following any of the above methods. So lets fix it!

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