Google widget not working

An android device has widget, these are shortcut to the larger apps. However, frequently being used by the user but user still wonders “What is a Google widget?”

The answer to the above question is google widget is a shortcut added on android screen of Google apps. Tap on the widget and it launches the associated app into detailed view. It may come in various variants, the types of google widget are:

  • Information widgets: Information widget prompts the elements which are important to a user and user can also track the changes in information over time such as weather or sports score.

  • Collection widgets: These prompt various elements of same kind, such as a collection of articles from a news app.

  • Control widgets: These display the functions which are used frequently.The property of control widgets is that these may or may not go on to a detail view.

  • Hybrid widgets: The hybrid widgets combine the elements of the above mentioned widgets. For e.g., the music player widget is the blend of control widget and information widget, it shows the music currently being played.

Troubleshoot the issue of Google widget not working

There might be the case that it may happen that sometimes Google widget not working, following steps are useful to troubleshoot the error.

Step 1: Reboot your Android device

Rebooting is the first and foremost step to solve the issues:

  1. 1.Press left soft key on the phone
  2. 2.Close all the apps.

Hold the Power Button to restart your phone

  1. Use Google Search widget to see if the issue has resolved.

Step 2: Update your Google App

  1. Visit Play Store to update the Google App to the latest version..  
  2. Search anything in the Google widget to see if the widget is working properly.

Step 3: Enable Google App in Settings

  • Tap on settings
  • Go to Applications.
  • Tap on Application Manager
  • Go to “All” tab.
  • Scroll down to the Google app.
  • Click on Google app.
  • See if Google app is Enabled or not, if it is not then click on it to enable it.
  • Search any topic on the Google Search widget to check if the issue has been resolved.

Step 4: Clear Google App cache

  1. Tap on settings
  2. Tap onto Applications.
  3. Tap on Application Manager
  4. Tap on All
  5. Click on Google App
  6. Tap on  “Cache”
  7. Click on  “CLEAR CACHE”
  8. Search on any topic on Google widget to check if it works.

Step 5: Restart your Google App

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap onto Application.
  3. Tap on Application Manager
  4. Click on All
  5. Scroll through the list until you get Google Search
  6. Click on FORCE STOP then Ok.
  7. Again, search on Google widget to see if the widget is working.

The above steps will help you out to make your Google widget to work again.

How to fix Google feed widget not working Issue ?

Enable Google Widgets

If the Google Widgets is in Disable mode, then immediately it should be turned in Enable mode and for the same, Open Settings from the device and tap on Apps/Application Manager. Thereafter, select ‘App’ section and set it in ‘All’ mode. Thereafter, list of apps will be featured and to proceed further select ‘Google Search App’. In the Google search app page, few options will be featured, if the app is in ‘Disable’ mode, then tap on it again to set in Enable mode.

Google App Update process

Sometimes, the updates carry the pack which fixes the bugs. The process is simple and can be easily carried out and for the same open Google Play Store and tap on ‘My apps & games’ section, located in the Menu of Play Store. Thereafter, select ‘Google Search Apps’ from the list of apps and tap on ‘Update’.

The above two said methods will fix the issues, but for the effective result, ‘clear caches’ of Google Search App and ‘reset device’ is an added method which boosts up the performance of the Google Search Widget.


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