Why my iPhone apps not updating automatically?

iPhone is a device that has an entirely different working procedure and hence the user of the iPhones needs to have complete knowledge of how to use it and how to do the further settings. Else it will become difficult to operate all the features of the phone and to use it effectively. Like just in case the user wants to use the apps on the iPhone and then all of a sudden the user starts to face the issue of apps not updating on the iPhone.

Avail a recommended solution when iPhone apps not updating automatically

The iPhone or any other Apple device feels surreal to use because of its amazing features and other user-friendly applications. And if you use iPhone then it’s quite obvious that along with it, you will have some technical errors as well and one of them is iPhone apps not updating automatically.

In a situation like this usually, the users get panicked but there is nothing that should be a matter of worry since the company has already taken care of the novice users and the issues that the users face most of the time. And hence the simple things that the user needs to do in order to deal with the issue of iPhones apps not updating. So follow the below methods.

Update your iPad and iPhone

  • Make sure that your iPad and iPhone are updates properly. If it’s not updated then you might have to check the settings again.
  • Go to the general setting section of your iPhone and then tap on the link of a software update. Once done, now you can easily follow the instructions to update your iPad and iPhone.

Apple system status

  • Whenever you use any Apple device, you will find one separate section in your phone which is exclusively for checking out the apple services.
  • You can literally check out all types of applications and their work status.
  • As you go to the app store, if you find any type of green light then the app is doing well but if you find any type of yellow, red, or orange color then surely the app is not performing well and you need to update it.

Check the compatibility of the iPhone

  • If you are unable to update your phone then maybe you need to check your device whether it’s compatible enough to activate that update or not.
  • Now if you want to check the compatibility then the easiest way is through going to the app store first.
  • Now under the app store, go to the profile icon to check out the status.
  • You can also check the settings followed by the general app settings and then choosing the option of a software update.
  • Similarly, you can even check the compatibility of a common app by checking the setting section of the application and then decide if you want to update it or not as it will help you to resolve iPhone not responding issue while updating 

Check the storage of the device

Now if you are trying to update the apple phone and it’s not getting updated then you can easily fix it by checking the storage of the apple phone. Often the devices are unable to auto-update because of the reason that there is no enough space in the device.

  • Go to the phone’s settings section and then tap on the general option followed by the storage link to see if there is enough space or not.
  • Now mark those apps that you don’t use that often and either clear all the cache or uninstall it totally.
  • In case you have a lot of pictures then remove them from the main gallery and move to the main iCloud.

Just in case the user face any other issue or the issue of the iPhone not updating then it is highly recommended to seek the required help from the techies of the company.

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