How do I get in touch with Facebook to report a problem?

Facebook is the most used social media platform for people and allows people to get connected worldwide. But like every other technology, Facebook also gets bugged at times, or users often face the issue, and they wish to know the most reliable way to report a bug. Facebook keeps on trying to improve its technology and give the best help to its users. In case of any help. Follow the below-written instructions to learn how do I report a problem on Facebook and get quick and easy solutions for any related query. The problem you report can be about something with Facebook not working, abusive content, or any other general feedback.

What is Facebook's telephone number? 

  • Who can I email at Facebook?
  • Can I talk to a live person at Facebook?
  • How can I chat with Facebook support?
  • How do I get in touch with Facebook to report a problem?
  • Is there a way to contact Facebook?

A Facebook user can dial either Palo Alto area phone numbers provided for social media platform,(those are 650-543-4800 and 650-308-7300, for the record).Here you can get a recording.There you can get a series of menus, with individual options directing you to send an email to an authorized appropriate account 

Facebook allows you to contact them to report an issue for which you want expert assistance. You may learn more about contacting Facebook customer service and reporting a problem by looking over the information provided below.

How do I speak to someone at Facebook?

You need to Call 650-543-4800 and press "2" for law enforcement,  "3" for business development and advertising, "4" for marketing, "5" for press/editorial issues, "6" for employee verification or "7" to a leave a message about an issue relating to a none technical issue.

  • Small Business owners can get on the Facebook for Business website and click on the "Help" button.
  • Next, click on the "Start Chat" option to open the chat portal.
  • One can chat with a live Facebook support representative using this portal and get assistance on their issues.

If any regular account user has been locked out of their accounts, they might be able to get help via the live chat service instead of figuring out how to contact Facebook by phone. Though this service is available only for limited users right now, one can get on the Facebook website and look for the media option under the help menu. If available, one can see the live chat option here.

How to Contact Facebook by Phone?

  • It would be astutely surprising to know that Facebook doesn't offer customer service through the phone call channel.
  • Thus, there isn't any official contact number one could use to call and connect to a Facebook representative.
  • One can instead refer to the forms of Facebook Customer service and get the required assistance.
  • Though Facebook may not have a contact number yet, one can be hopeful about Facebook starting the voice customer service shortly. Facebook has begun rolling out the first editions of customer support. Recently, the social giant has started a live chat service for all small business accounts that work on its platform. Additionally, Facebook is offering a live chat service for a section of regular account users.

Alternatively, one can get on the Facebook help center web-page, which contains detailed information on various Facebook-related issues and how to resolve them.

How do I contact to report a problem Facebook ?

How can I report a bug? 

To report a issue/bug from your desktop:

  • Get onto the home page of Facebook and click on the blue tick mark in the top right corner of Facebook.
  • From the option that appears on your screen, select 'Report a Problem' and proceed further to choose the issue you are facing from the given option.
  • You are required to follow the on-screen process to get your query resolved.

Report a bug on the Facebook mobile app

  • On your Facebook mobile app, tap the option of 'more.'
  • After getting onto the option mentioned there, scroll down to the bottom and select the option for 'Help and Support.'
  • On the 'Help and support page, tap on Report a problem>something isn't working.
  • Select the product you are facing the problem with, and describe your issue in the space given below.
  • While writing about your issue, make sure to mention the steps you took to resolve the issue on your own.
  • You may also be required to add a screenshot of the screen where you have faced the issue from your camera roll.
  • If necessary, please mention the link to the Facebook page where you have experienced a certain problem.
  • At last, after providing every detail, press the submit button and let your query get registered by the customer service team of Facebook.

How to email Facebook?

  • After getting on to the Facebook log-in page, click on the 'Account' option from the top right corner. After clicking on the 'account' option, a drop-down list will open for you. 

  • From the list of options, choose the 'Help center' option from the list of options available on your screen. And look for the question that matches your query.

  • After submitting your query, there will be a list of options having solutions appear on your screen, look for the option that can resolve your query. Suppose no answer matches your query click on the 'Contact facebook' option with the help of the search bar located at the top of the page. And get the various options to contact someone on Facebook.

  • Choose the convenient option for you and read all the information given thoroughly, and proceed further to connect with Facebook by selecting the 'contact' option.

  • After proceeding further, a form will appear on your screen to fill out the form mentioning all the details along with your Email ID. Recheck all the information provided by you as the customer service executive will get in touch with you through the same email which you have mentioned in the given form. 

List of FB email addresses 

Using the Facebook Mobile App

  • Open the app- To resolve a bug you face in your mobile app, launch the app on your phone. Tap on the Facebook icon to get into the app.

  • Get onto report a problem window- There will be a menu bar appearing on the left-most corner of the page. Click on the menu bar to locate and select the 'report a problem' option to launch the report a problem window.

  • Choose the type of problem- There will be a new window appearing on your screen from which you have to choose the type of problem you are facing. The option will be available for Something that isn't working, report abusive content and any other kind of feedback you wish to submit.

    • Choose the option of 'Something isn't working.' Suppose there is a problem in any of the tools or features of Facebook or any other related bug.

    • Choose the option of 'Abusive Content' if you have found Something that is violating the norms or is against the Facebook violation policy and spam.

    • Choose the 'General Feedback' option for any general comment, notes, or issue with Facebook.

  • Submit your report- Once you are done choosing your query type, press the submit button to report your query with Facebook.

So above-given information if you wish to know how do I email Facebook with a problem and for any related query with Facebook or to report any significant bug in all the possible ways with your device as well as with your mobile phone.

Can you call Facebook to report a problem?

Visit the Facebook website

  • You must first visit the Facebook website, after which you will be automatically logged in from the login section.
  • If you're not automatically logged in enter the login ID and password associated with your account.

Locate problem for reporting

  • Locate the problem in posts and comments from your newsfeed or go to the person’s wall who posted it.
  • To report a picture or video that has a problem, click on the same to expand them.
  • Click the profile image, or name of the person or group you wish to report a problem with.

Choose options for content types

  • To report a post, click the three-dot button above and to the right of the post.
  • To report a comment, click over that and select the three-dot button to the right.
  • To report an image you must first choose the image, then select Options from the bottom-right corner of it.
  • To report a video, expand the video then select the three-dot button below and to the right of it.
  • To report a profile, go to the person's profile or name, then click the three-dot button at the top corner of the cover photo.
  • To report a Group, choose the name of the group, then select the more option under the group profile pic.

Select "Give Feedback" or "Report" option:

  • Based on the content you're reporting a problem with, the choice will be different, but it's generally a combination of giving feedback or Reporting a problem.

Select how content violates Facebook's Community Standards:

  • After that, select the option that best represents the content you'd want to report a problem with.

Select the Send option :

  • You must send your feedback to Facebook in order to report a problem.

Follow the directions on the screen :

  • You may be invited to make a report to Facebook, which they will use as input to improve their system.
  • You must fill out a form to report a privacy breach.
  • You must fill out a form to report a problem with a company or advertisement.
  • In this way, you will be able to know that how to contact Facebook by reporting a problem to them online by following the procedures explained above.

How can I chat with Facebook support?

Yes, there is a way to contact Facebook. If you want to connect with someone on Facebook then you have come to the exact right place. We are about to share the steps that one meat sticks to in order to utilise Facebook resources. So stick around and let us begin.

Method: Using Facebook Resources

  • First and foremost, users are required to navigate to the Facebook Help Center webpage. Users are required to proceed with the Login with their email address along with the password.
  • Next, users are required to review the options toolbar. You will find the option on the top of the page and is located under the search bar. Select the same to view all the available options.
  • You will see a list of options that are as follows:, using Facebook,Managing your account, Privacy and Safety, Policies and Reporting.
  • Next in line, users are required to choose a relevant option. For instance, if you are facing troubles with an impostor account, you are going to go with the Privacy and Safety section on the page. Users are then required to select the option that reads Hacked and Fake Accounts.
  • Users then are supposed to consider the additional review points. Users may also check with the points that illuminate the issue of ‘How do I report an account that’s pretending to be me’. This will allow you to have a series of steps that will open up in the next window.
  • As per Facebook, users must report a fake account by visiting the Facebook profile and selecting the report profile option there.
  • Users then are required to follow the on-screen instructions that they see on the page.
  • In order to hasten the process, users may also make use of the search bar which is present on the page.
  • Users are required to interact with a live person on the page. This will allow you to share the details of the impostor and will eventually help in reporting the impostor’s account.

Seeking help at the ADS HELP CENTER PAGE:

  • Yet another means to get your problems addressed at Facebook is through visiting the ADs help centre and there you are required to follow the steps listed down under:
  • The ADS HELP CENTER page is the next thing that users are required to open. This will resolve all your business page-related issues that you might face.
  • Select the option that reads: Creating Ads or Managing Ads. in case users are having trouble with advertising, they are supposed to select the Troubleshooting your ads option for better assistance.

Facebook community page:

  • This is yet another method through which users are able to rectify their Facebook account-related issues and problems.
  • Users may also opt for the Community Page. Visiting the community page would allow you to deal with a problem that isn’t listed on the page.
  • You will find a search bar on this page. If you cannot spot your query here, then you can mention your issue in the search bar present at the top of the page.

How do I email Facebook with a problem?

Facebook allows users to connect with someone for help and assistance with the Messenger account. Users can refer to this guide to eradicate issues and problems with Facebook messenger. So below steps helps you  how do i report a problem to Facebook  team so follow here . People tend to use Facebook on multiple devices hence it is important to have access to the steps to report a Facebook problem on multiple devices.

iPhone and iPad

  • First and foremost open the Facebook messenger app on your device and perform the login. 
  • Hit your profile picture from the chat option on the page. 
  • Select “Report a problem” by scrolling down.
  • Hit the send option to submit your request. 


  • Open the Facebook application and tap on your profile picture by accessing the chat icon on the page.
  • You will find the following option at the bottom of the page: report a technical problem. Select this. 
  • On the next page, a window appears and people need to mention the reason for their problem. Also, describe the steps you took as solutions.
  • Hit the send option.

Desktop App

  • Open Facebook Messenger on your browser and select your profile photo. 
  • Select the following option on the page: preferences.
  • Choose the following option: report a problem. 
  • You will be redirected to yet another page. Mention your problem in detail and also why you have encountered it in the first place.
  • Hit the submit option. 

Messenger Lite

  • Open the application on your device and users need to select the following option from the drop-down list on the page: Accessible. 
  • Select the following option: Report a problem. 
  • Select send to submit your issue.

Messenger for Desktop

  • Open the web browser and visit to access Facebook messenger. 
  • Select Report a problems option on the page.
  • Describe your issue and select the send option.

I hope the inclusions of this paper must have helped you as far as Facebook customer service is concerned. For details, users are advised to connect with the customer service professionals working at Facebook as they are going to guide and assist you with your issues and problems. The professionals at Facebook are available round the clock to provide help to users. All you are required to do is visit the official support page and there you can connect with a live person using the live chat option.

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