Best way to fix Outlook searching not working issue

The outlook email account is one of the excellent webmail accounts in terms of using professional and personal email services for the clients. There are most of the users who consider this webmail account as a quite simple mail service to use on their Windows 10 device. But sometimes it does not work fine and generates a number of problems.

Is your Outlook search not working? Well, the Outlook search function is designed specifically for those email users who have to send and receive several emails daily. This searching function allows Outlook users to filter relevant emails by entering a particular term. Hence, the Outlook email user doesn't have to go through all the folders for finding an individual email, as they can use its search function to filter it. Moreover, in case your Outlook search is not working fine, and you are wondering that what you can do for handling the situation, get the reference from the data given below.

What typical problems occur when Outlook search doesn’t work?

Whenever the Outlook search function does not work any longer, the users have to face several problems due to it. These problems may differ from one Outlook user to another and the reasons behind the occurrence of this error can many. Moreover, if you want to identify the most typical problem whenever Outlook search function no longer works, then go through the details given below:

  •  Outlook user will not receive any single search result
  •  The complete search function is canceled
  • Outlook search shows email only for a fixed time
  •  A few of the Outlook search results may be missed

What can you do when the Outlook search doesn’t work? : Avail expert's guidelines to resolve it

You can perform several tricks to make the Outlook search function work again as before. If you don’t have any idea about the methods which may help to handle the Outlook search not working issue, then get the reference from below:

Use task manager to close the program:

  • Hold control alt delete button in the keypad and press simultaneously
  • Next, the Task Manager tab will appear on the screen
  • Go to the list of currently active programs and find Outlook
  • Tap close button to quit Outlook program and then go to the Processes tab
  • Scroll down running processes list and find Outlook
  • Select OUTLOOK.EXE and tap end process to close

Use repair program:

  • First of all open the control panel in your system
  • Then go to the Programs section and select Uninstall or change the tab.
  • Next, choose the Microsoft office package as Outlook is also a part of it
  • Then tap on the change option and next select repair
  •  Now let the repair finishes, and then restart your windows

Correct Outlook indexing:

If someone is unnecessarily experiencing the email search display issue which is not showing recent emails and the email search is not working as expected to work, there is perhaps a problem that occurs in Windows indexing services.

  • Open the Outlook program and go to the File tab
  • Select the options tab and a pop-up screen will open
  • Next, choose Search or Browse, then tap on indexing options
  • On the next screen, the whole Outlook indexed locations will open
  • Now check that Microsoft Outlook is available there
  • If not then tap on change and go to indexed places
  • Now choose Microsoft Outlook box and press OK.

PST files repairing:

  • Firstly, you have to close Outlook search program
  • Then go to C:\Program Files folder and open it
  • Now type “scanpst.exe” in the search box and enter
  • Or you can go for a manual Outlook folder check
  • Next, run the scanpst.exe and type the name of PST file you wish to check
  • Or if you don’t have a name then search it and browse
  • Now you have to choose the start button and the files with error will appear
  • Then tap on repair button for starting file repairing
  • At last, reopen the Outlook program once the file repairing is complete.

Deleting and creating an entire index

If you are looking to fix the issue of “Outlook search not working”, users are required to delete and then recreate the entire index, it may take more time than the original but at the end you will get what you want. This is the most significant way to speed up the performance of your system. so start following this below stated approach to get around the problem. Read each and every single point painstakingly to initiate the process.

  • At the beginning of the process, you first go to the “file” in the outlook program.
  • Next open the “Options” tab, a pop up window appears on Outlook options.
  • Moving ahead, select browse or search.
  • Following above, choose “ indexing option” on the top right side.
  • Further, choose “advanced” or “advanced options” and look for the option of “troubleshooting”.
  • Now click on “Create new” which can be seen next to the “Delete and create new index”.
  • Now confirm with OK.
  • After the program creates a new window, now close all the windows open.
  • Now you will see that your Outlook search starts working again.

Make changes to the registry

The registry is the inbuilt feature of Microsoft Windows PC which stores all the data or programs in the existing operating system. Every individual program has capacity to react over the given command. This also includes instructions for the programs which start it automatically as you boot your PC. The registry is a combination of recently opened files of the program. Once you start the program, one can access it again.

Usually, we face errors due to incorrect information of the registry which results in program work in the correct way. But even after this if your Outlook search is not working correctly after resetting the index, you can choose the option of “Clean up” through the registry. Let’s see how it works.

  • At the beginning of the process, first, you need to open the registry first.
  • Now make use of the combination Windows+R to open the run window.
  • Following above, now enter the details of Regedit, then press enter and Tap on Yes.
  • In the last step, the registry opens.

After following the above, now delete the registry key, then restart your PC, and your Outlook search starts working again. If the problem still persist for long, you can uninstall the program and reinstall it on your system.

Reinstaling Outlook

In case of uninstalling the programs, do it like you are repairing it. Let’s see how to uninstall the program.

  • In the very first step, open the control panel.
  • Next, you have to select the program and then Tap on Uninstall program.
  • Choose Add or remove features in the given field of Microsoft office.
  • Following above, you need to confirm for the action with the “ Next tap”.
  • You will be displayed a list of programs , click on arrow next to the Microsoft outlook.
  • Set it to “ Not available”.
  • Confirm it by choosing “ Next”.
  • Close window and restart the computer.

Check Outlook for updates

It is recommended to up-to-date the outlook that action can be performed through the windows update. Outdated version or programs may not work accordingly as we are expecting, because not every time our older version supports. So it is important to keep updating your Outlooks account with the latest features. Let’s see the steps how it works

  • First, go to the settings section.
  • Choose the “Update and security section”.
  • In the next move, click on “Advanced options” and “ Install updates for the Microsoft products.
  • Then move back to the previous page you have visited and check for any other update.
  • now you have successfully performed all the steps to fix it.

Disable the Third-party search tools

  • Most of the third party develop adds on which can be integrated into the outlook program.
  • These can intervene for the smooth functioning of the outlook search.
  • An extension can also check the database so that users would be able to search the messages out of them.
  • All you have to do is disable third party tool that you install at a later stage, because if the add-on was the reason of the Outlook search stop working, then it will work again after following the above points.

In case the above-mentioned solutions to fixing Outlook search not working issue doesn’t go well, then you can contact a technical representative for help. Outlook customer support service will provide you the best assistance towards handling the issue.

Get solution when Outlook reminders not working fine

Microsoft Outlook email account has the most popular feature calendar that has the ability to receive reminders only for the scheduled task and appointment. But when someone is not able to check the files due to disabled or corrupted files. It is necessary to fix the correct entries that fix the issue and reinstate the current reminder professionally.

  • Open tools menu and
  • Select the advanced option to select the reminders.
  • He needs to make sure the box is checked and press the OK button
  • Now reset button for the Microsoft Outlook reminders that open all missing and corrupt reminder folders stored properly.

Avail Outlook reminders not working on Mac: Get solution in one place

Outlook offers a valuable Outlook search option that you can use on a Mac device using various methods. This page is important to check out the various methods to fix Outlook search not working on Mac easily. So if you face any trouble in doing so on Mac, it is necessary to get this issue fixed instantly.

Method 1: How to fix Outlook search not working on Mac?

If you find Outlook search in trouble and unable to work fine on Mac, figure out the cause of the error to get a solution soon. It typically happens when you unable to enter the correct email address, OST files are damaged, or the search feature is turned off, etc.

To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

  • At first, turn on the Mac device and close the MS office applications like Excel and office and then click on the option key.
  • Select the database utility and then select the rebuild option and then and start the process to complete.
  • After finishing it you need to restart your Mac and open the Outlook account button to start searching on a Mac device appropriately.   

Method 2: How to if Outlook 2016 Mac search not working?

If you think your Outlook 2016 is not working with Mac search it is important to identify the cause of the issue and get an immediate solution to fix it soon.

To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

  • Turn on your Mac device and go to the menu and open the advance tab and select a preference option.
  • Open the menu option and then select the privacy button and then click on the folder option.
  • Go to the folder and click on the folder dialogue box and copy and  “~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/”  paste the following position and click on the go button.
  • You can pull the menu option and then select the privacy tab and then add the profile of the Outlook account to work Outlook 2016 for the Mac search easily.

Method 3: Easy solutions for Outlook search not working:

If you want to fix Outlook search not working choose the easy solution to solve this problem at the right time. To avoid confusion, read more steps.

  • Get updates of Microsoft Outlook and install it: Microsoft releases new updates to fix internal issues and smoother functions. At first, turn on your Mac device and then select the MS application to delete and then close the entire tab. Select the Outlook search button and then go to the search box and select the Outlook search is enabled or not. If it is not showing enable then click on the enable button and press save the change button to solve this issue at the end. 
  • Delete and Reinstall Microsoft Outlook: Ensure and keep backup of all the files before you delete the existing Microsoft Outlook Remove it from your device completely and reinstall for smoother function

Method 4: Fix Outlook Search Not Working Issue on Mac through ‘Rebuild Database’ process

If you want to fix the Outlook search issue using the rebuild database methods, it will important to search out the real cause of the issue and directly solve this issue at a certain point of time.

  • First of all, turn on your Mac device and then select all the Microsoft application software and select the quiet option.
  • Select the Outlook icon in the Dock to open the Microsoft database utility and then select the identity of the database.
  • Select the rebuild option and then restart Outlook when the process is going to complete and then select the other options.
  • Follow the onscreen to fix when the Outlook search not working fine at the end.  

Method 5: Run the Outlook 2016 Search Troubleshooter:

  • For this, you need to fix the “No results” search issue in your Outlook so that you can run the Microsoft search troubleshooter.
  • You have to close the Outlook 2016 for your Mac.

Method 6:Move Messages to another Outlook folder.

  • First, open your Outlook and create a new folder inside it.
  • Then, you need to select and move all the messages to the newly created folder.
  • When you are done, you can move back your messages to the original folder.
  • You can now delete the temporary folder, and you will be done.

Method 7: Re-Index Hard Drive in Spotlight:

  • You need to make sure that the mail message is properly checked under the tab of Search results.
  • In the next step, you will have to click on the privacy tab and ensure that the outlook profile folder or its parent folder is not added to the privacy tab. If this is so, then you can skip the rest of the steps and try to look for something using the Outlook search.
  • You can drag and drop the hard drive icon from the desktop into the sunlight. This will remove the current index.
  • You can finally highlight the hard drive that you have just added and hit the minus button to remove it.
  • You need to wait until the spotlight is indexing your drive, and then you can opt for restarting your computer.
  • Try to use the outlook search by first opening the system preference and hitting on the spotlight.
  • If you still find the problem in your Outlook and Outlook searching is not working in Mac, then you can delete some files from the users’ library or preference folder and try to restart your Mac. You can also try to perform a search in Outlook.

Method 8:Re-index the Outlook for MAC Search Database.

Outlook used the OS spotlight for MC so that you can search for your mailbox. If you find that it is corrupted, then you might get the result, “No results.” In this case, you can go for re-indexing the Outlook for your Mac search database. You need to take the following steps to do this.

  • Restart Mac.
  • At first, you need to restart your Mac and then go to the finder. Then, enter the application and utilities and the terminals.
  • In the next step, you need to type 'mdimport -L.'
  • After that, you will have to open Outlook without closing the terminal window and try the search function. If you are getting the results, then the problem is resolved, but continue the below steps if you are not getting any results.
  • You need to re-index the outlook database by making the use of the command and substituting your username in the place of :

Method 9: FIX Spotlight Permissions & Rebuild Spotlight Index using Terminal.

This is the last step that you can take to resolve the issue of No results when you perform a search in Outlook for Mac. This will fix the spotlight permission in the Outlook database, and then you can rebuild it by taking the steps that we are mentioning below.

  • You have to open the Terminal from the application and then go in the section of utilities.
  • Then, you need to give the commands in order to reboot the computer.
  • In the next step, you will have to open the Terminal again and type the commands.
  • At last, you will have to wait until the spotlight re-index the entire drive.
  • You are free to monitor the process by clicking on the spotlight at the upper-right corner.
  • When it is completed, then you can proceed and then again try to see whether the issue is resolved or not.

Method 10: Run the Windows Search Troubleshooter for different windows

  • In Windows 10, click Start button and select Settings. Choose the Update & Security option and set the Troubleshoot. Now locate and click the Search and Indexing followed by Run the Troubleshooter option.
  • In Windows 8.1, open the Settings from the Start button and look for Troubleshooting. Now find the Search and Indexing troubleshooter and run it in the system.
  • In Windows 7, open the Control Panel from the Start menu and select the Troubleshooting option. From there, you can find Search and Indexing troubleshooting.

Method 11: Confirm Indexing is complete

  • Open Outlook and click on the Search icon
  • In the search box, type Search Tools to see the menu.
  • Select the Indexing status option to see the dialogue box.

Check of Outlook has completed the Indexing for all the items. If some of the items left Outlook searching not working, wait a while and follow the same process again. Check the next steps if the problem continues.

Method 12: Check if all the data files selected

  • Launch Outlook and click on the Search box.
  • Select the Search Tools option to find Locations to search from the Search Menu.
  • Ensure that all data files and stores in the list are selected.
  • Verify and Enable Windows Search Service
  • Click on the Windows Start menu and open the Search option.
  • Type services.msc and hit the Enter key.
  • Find and double-click the Windows Search under the Name Section.
  • Check the Startup type and set it to Automatic if it isn't set already.

If the Service Status does not show Running, clock on the Start button below to start the service.

Method 13: Include Outlook data in Indexing

  • Close the Outlook website or app.
  • Now open the Indexing Options in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Ensure that Microsoft Outlook is listed in the Included Locations column in the Indexing option box.
  • If Microsoft Outlook is not present in the list, click on the Modify button and enable the Check box next to it.
  • Hit the OK button and close the control panel.

Method 14:Configure Indexing options

If you have tried all the steps shown above and yet face the Outlook searching not working issue, you need to check the indexing options and configure it correctly by following the steps below:

  • Exit the Outlook app or website
  • Now open the Indexing Options In the Windows control panel.
  • When the dialogue box appears on the screen, select the Advanced button.
  • Choose the File Types tab from the options.
  • Scroll down to see the msg in the Extension column and click on it.
  • Enable the Index Properties and File Contents option.
  • Click on Ok and close the window.

Method 15:Rebuilt the Search catalog

  • After closing the Outlook, open the Indexing Options in the Control Panel.
  • Select the Advanced option to see the menu and then select Rebuild.
  • Confirm the changes and close the window.

Method 16:Check if the Search works in a new profile

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the File menu.
  • Select Account Settings followed by Manage Profiles.
  • You can also exit Outlook and open the Mail in the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Show Profile option and sketch Add in the General tab in the Mail setup.
  • Create a name for a new Profile and click OK.
  • Provide the required information and complete to add your profile in the General tab of the Mail dialogue box.
  • Choose the new profile to show when starting the Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Restart Outlook and select your new profile in the Choose Profile list.
  • Hit OK and try your search again.

If the search works, that means there is some issue with your old profiles. Therefore, you need to make the new profile as you Default and transfer all the data. For more queries related to Outlook, contact support. The outlook support team will assist you with all issues and queries. The technical experts can be found on the official page available 24*7 for all possible help.

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