Google docs offline not working: Avail recommended steps for both online and offline platforms.

Since the time Google Docs has been introduced to the users; they have actually found a drastic change in their workflow as it has been uplifted by the docs on both online and offline platforms. However, the offline platform has irritated the users a bit and their experience with it hasn’t been so well. But that does not mean that the user cannot fix their Google Docs issues themselves. Hence, this article will guide you with all the best possible solutions in order to fix the Google Drive offline issue effortlessly and make it possible to work with it without any issue. Here’s how.

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The first piece of advice that can help you is that you should start using Google Chrome, why? Well, the extension and compatibility it offers with Google products such as Google Drive cannot be offered by any other web browser. Hence, it is important to use the Chromium web browser to avoid the Google docs offline not working issue. Furthermore, the following ways will help you to fix Google Drive issues without any hassle.

Enable the Offline Extension Google docs In Your Chrome

  • In your Chrome browser, scroll to the menu icon on the top right and then select the Settings option
  • Here, on the left select the Extension tab and then scroll to the Search bar on the top
  • Next, search for offline Google Docs extension and then download it from the serh results
  • Next, head to the home screen of Google Docs and head over to the Docs menu
  • Hereafter, select the Settings section and then enable the toggle switch next to the Offline option

Try Creating A Create New Chrome Profile

  • If you are facing the “Another user has already enabled offline access on this computer” error then it is time to create a new profile in your Chrome. To do this,
  • Head over to the Chrome profile picture at the upper-right in your Google Chrome and then click Manage People
  • In the pop-up window, select the Add Person and then use the username and password to get access to your other Google account
  •  Now, try enabling the offline mode in your Google Docs and see if the issue is resolved

Do Not Use the Chrome Incognito Mode

If you have tried using your Google drive offline the incognito mode then it is strongly recommended that you don’t do it. Why? Because the chrome disables all of its extensions in its incognito window which can result in you facing Google Docs offline not working issue.

Updating Your Chrome Web Browser

The first thing to do

  • Head over to the Settings section in your Chrome browser and then hover to the About Google Chrome section
  • Here, the web browser will automatically look for it new updates and start updating itself
  • Once the update process is done then tries using your Google Docs
  • Remove All the Unnecessary Cache Files from Your Chrome

The second thing to do

  •  Navigate to the Settings section in your Chrome browser and then look for the History option
  • Next, select the “Clear Browsing Data” option and then you’ll see the next window showing to select the cache files
  • Here, mark the cache and cookies files and then hit the Clear data button
  • Once the cache files are removed then simply try using your Google docs offline and see if the problem still persists

The third thing to do You Can Reset Your Chrome

  • Hover to the Chrome settings and then go to the advanced section on the left
  • Here, you’ll need to select the Reset and Clean up option shown as Reset Settings in the Apple devices and then the Chrome settings will be set to defaults

The fourth thing to do Use the Cleanup Tool in Your Chrome

  • In the Chrome Settings, head over to the advanced section and then select the Reset and Clean up option
  • Hereafter, select the Clean Up Computer option and then the Find option to look for malware

Besides, everyone knows that Google offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access. On the other hand, when you see any problem you while using Google, you can contact the Google Help Center to fix the issue. Not only this but also, you can get help from the support team through different modes of communication. Hence choose a way to connect with the customer service as per your comfortability.

Hence, you should be able to get rid of the Google Drive offline issue, however, if you haven’t then it is time to get in touch with the Google support team experts and take the best assistance from them.

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