iPhone not receiving texts or calls

All phone tend to malfunction over a period of time including iPhone. Sometime user face the issue when they are not able get SMS or text messages. This might be because someone sends you from an iPhone and they are still being sent as iMessage.  This can happen if you transferred your sim card to a non apple phone so deactivate or turn off iMessage before switching to a non Apple phone.

What to do when iPhone not receivie any texts or calls

There may be many other reasons due to which iphone not receiving texts or calls. You have to fix those issue to resolve this issue. You need to check for following suggestions. Make sure that your phone have proper network connection and you have enter the correct phone number that you are trying to text. Restart your iPhone and check with your carrier to check the type of message you are trying to send is supported.

Turn off LTE because some carriers do not allow to use internet and text or call at the same time. So turn of LTE immediately if iphone not receiving texts or calls. Tap on the settings app from the menu and tap on cellular tab. After this tap on LTE then tap on “Data only” or “off”. Now reboot your device and check if it is receiving messages. You can also fix this issue by resetting network settings so tap on general in settings section and scroll to find the reset. Tap on reset then you will see “Reset Network Settings”. You will receive a pop to confirm and restart your device then try to send a message.

If your iphone not receiving texts from android phone then go into the messages and tap on Edit. Select all message threads and tap on delete option. Now go to the settings and tap on messages then toggle off iMessages. Again toggle on iMessages and wait for till activation. Go back to setting and reset your network settings. Reboot your phone or you can also reset its settings to factory version. If still you got the same issues then contact to technical support team of Apple. You can also visit the help page of Apple Website where you can find solution for various issues related to iPhone.


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