How to add Google api in wordpress

Google Maps is one of most prominent Google services. In the event that customer need to demonstrate the organization area on user site using Google Map. So in this regard WordPress enables to publish many types of content, does Google Map. Obviously it is conceivable. Essentially you can make approaches to put Google Map API on WordPress site. 

Google assistant help for follow the step in secure way

Steps for how to add Google API in wordpress -

  • First of all log in to the Google API Manager console
  • Then user will find Google Maps Javascript API link under Google Maps APIs.
  • In case if user are using WP Google maps API key, then first they need to create a project. For this, they need to click on the Create project button on the JavaScript API page.
  • Now create API credentials via menu available in the right sidebar.
  • Next Click on the Create Credentials button on the Credentials window
  • At this point Click on the API Key Option
  • However user can generate API key through pasting the API Key into the Google Maps API Key box at WordPress Dashboard → Maps → Settings → Advanced. 
  • Next click on save settings option to make changes.
  • Enable all required API functions. For this Click on the Library link in the API Manager Sidebar menu.
  • And ultimately enable the Google Maps Javascript API window.

If incase user find any difficulty while going through the above steps, they have an option to avail instant support through Google contact support team. Here the team will help for out to fix and troubleshoot an issues via remote support, chat and via email as well. In face user can avail the customer support service anytime from anywhere because assistant service is available all time to give the best opportunity at the doorstep. So it is advisable to fix the problems instantly though contacting the concerned technical team.

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