How do I recover my hacked Yahoo account?

It is easy to recognize a hacked Yahoo email account as one can find multiple signs to prove someone else’s authority over your account. It becomes essential for one to safeguard their Yahoo account as the account acts as a mode of communication with the world. Let us consider what needs to be done if your Yahoo account Hacked.

Are Yahoo accounts being hacked?

  • First and foremost, one must recognize factors that point to a hacked Yahoo mail account.
  • Signs of a hacked account:
  • It is becoming hard to receive emails on your Yahoo account.
  • Your contacts are constantly receiving spam from your account.
  • The recent activity page portrays login from different locations that are unpredicted by you.
  • You have no clue or awareness about the recent changes to your mail settings or account information.

Review your Yahoo mail settings:

You must review the settings for a hacked Yahoo account. Hackers may employ techniques to get their hands on your emails by creating multiple copies to get valuable information. Here is a list of setting that you can check to be sure that nothing wrong happens as far as your account is concerned:

  • Users can check whether new ‘Email filters’ are available for their accounts.
  • Check for any changes to your ‘Sending name’.
  • Make sure that your ‘Email signature’ is still the same deployed by you for your Yahoo account.
  • People can also check their ‘Reply-to address’ to ensure that the replies are hitting the right inbox.
  • Look for any new ‘Send-only address’ additions or changes for your Yahoo account.
  • Scan your account for any unwanted or unacknowledged ‘Vacation response’ replies.
  • Always double-check the pre-filled ‘Default sending address’ for your Yahoo account to make sure that it is the one that you set up and not the one that was changed without you knowing about it.
  • Double-check for any ‘Blocked addresses’ as you do not want to miss important emails from your contacts.
  • Also, check for ‘Auto-forwarding addresses’ on your Yahoo emails. Report any unfamiliar email address in the case of Auto-forwarding on your account.

If your Yahoo account has been compromised?

  • Make immediate changes to your password.
  • Opt for advanced and up-to-date recovery options.
  • Retrogress your mail settings if changed.
  • Install antivirus software and update it regularly.
  • Enable two-step verification for your account.

Follow the above steps to recover Hacked Yahoo account. If you cannot resolve the issue, You can also contact Yahoo support.

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